Anglican Youth Camp

Anglican Youth Camp is truly a unique opportunity for our youth. It is part summer camp and part spiritual formation and it is 100% fun and exciting! All electronics are put away for the week as we enjoy communing with God, each other, and nature. We sleep in wood cabins, usually five campers to a cabin plus adult supervisors. Bishop Jones is our Spiritual Director and celebrates a daily mass, presides over the Office, and is available for individual spiritual counsel. Camp activities include canoeing, swimming, archery, fencing, a paintball course, and many others.

  • Bishop Chad Jones, SSC is Spiritual Director
  • Father Matt Harlow, SSC is Camp Director
  • Father Sean McDermott is Anglican Studies Leader
  • Father Paul Sterne, SSC is Senior Counselor

June 11-16, 2023 

Camp Location

1945 Vineyard Road
Westfield, NC 27053
The Anglican Youth Camp is sponsored by the Anglican Province of America.