THE 2024 APA Holy land pilgrimage

“Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and trace the footsteps of Jesus to witness the holy sights of our Lord’s ministry.”
- The Most Reverend Chandler Holder Jones, SSC
A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a transformative journey that provides time for reflection, insight, and guidance. By walking in the footsteps of Saints and The Lord, participants will experience a deeper connection to God and a renewed focus on spirituality. This unique voyage-style pilgrimage offers cultural and religious observations that help individuals understand Scripture in a new light.


In support of the Province’s mission, Celebrity Cruises is comitted to making a generous donation in the name of every individual traveling on this pilgrimage to the Anglican Province of America (APA). Additionally, several other vendors—including GiGi’s Journeys—are allocating a percentage or making a considerable donation to the APA in the name of every Pilgrim attending the trip. Taking this Pilgrimage will not only help broaden your understanding and connection to God, but will also help suppport your Church community.