Registration is now open for the 2023 Anglican Youth Camp 

Anglican Youth Camp is truly a unique opportunity for our youth. It is part summer camp and part spiritual formation and it is 100% fun and exciting! All electronics are put away for the week as we enjoy communing with God, each other, and nature. We sleep in wood cabins, usually five campers to a cabin plus adult supervisors. Bishop Jones is our Spiritual Director and celebrates a daily mass, presides over the Office, and is available for individual spiritual counsel. Camp activities include canoeing, swimming, archery, fencing, a paintball course, and many others.

Your donations are making a difference

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Your donations are certainly making a difference…. in this time of the Thanksgiving celebration, I wish personally to extend my most heartfelt thanks to all who have responded so generously to our appeal for donations in order to help those impacted by the wrath of Hurricane Ian. We have now distributed funds to the Saint Alban’s Cathedral Oviedo family whose home was destroyed. Your contributions will help them to recover and find new housing. Your continued prayers and donations for all affected are profoundly and greatly appreciated.

God bless you!

In Our Blessed Lord,


We have all seen the horrific pictures of the damage Hurricane Ian recently inflicted on America, with its destructive winds and the inundation of torrential rain that caused historic flooding throughout multiple states. As with any natural disaster, there was the usual influx of immediate money and resources to various charity organisations; then, the news channels moved on, but the pain, clean-up, and repairs remain. With Ian hitting landfall as a near category 5 hurricane, there is a continual need for help, long after the initial outpouring of generosity. Now that we are months post-hurricane, the recovery is far from over. We have established a way by which you can contribute as your hearts may be led - by offering the most effective way to help, funds for supplies.

Global Missions Fundraiser



The Right Reverend David W. Haines
Missionary Bishop

Many of our churches and several individuals have faithfully provided sponsorships for Dalit children in India who are enrolled in the Good Shepherd School in Kollur, Telangana, India. The sponsorship is $30 per month per child or $360 per year per child. The money pays for the child’s uniforms, books, school fees, transportation (if the school provides it), health care (provided at the school by trained community health workers), and meals at the school for the year.
During this past year, through the efforts of our churches and several generous individuals, the APA was able to sponsor 45 children. Their profiles are linked to the email accompanying this letter. The school in Kollur is continuing to grow and there are plans to add additional classrooms for the upcoming year. We are hoping to sponsor this same group of children for the next academic year as well as any others that we are able to raise the funds to support.


A magnificent Solemn High Mass and Choral Evensong were both held at the 54th annual Synod of the Diocese of the Eastern United States at All Saints' Church, Mills River, North Carolina!

APA/TAC Full Communion

The official signing of the Anglican Province of America (APA) - Traditional Anglican Church (TAC) full sacramental communion agreement at Saint Barnabas Cathedral Atlanta.

Parish Spotlight

St. Philip's Anglican Church
Blacksburg, Virginia