From the Presiding Bishop

Dearly beloved in Christ,

We are delighted officially to announce our upcoming Anglican Province of America Spring Retreat, which this year replaces the usual winter conference.  In past years, some of our meetings have been presented in a conference format, while other gatherings have enjoyed more of the character of a retreat.  After the past two years of trial resulting from COVID-19 and its concomitant challenges, which struggles we have all endured, I decided a retreat was most desirable for 2022, an opportunity for all of us to participate in deeply-needed fellowship, clerical camaraderie, and time for prayer and formation. 

One will notice that most of the retreat is devoted simply to time together – informally. That plan is intentional. We need to see each other and spend time together. But we shall certainly also have time set aside for mutual prayer and instruction. The theme for this year’s teaching sessions will be the theology and practice of the Anglican Missal tradition. 

The DEUS Domestic Missions Team and I visited the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina in September 2021 and discovered there a peaceful, beautiful location in which to meet as a clericus. The facility features a prayer garden and a variety of on-campus and local venues for recreation, including hiking trails and, yes, fishing! I intend to venture on a little fishing trip and I hope some of you will join me!  We shall have two meals at the center – and, of course, there are many splendid restaurants, pubs, and fast food places just a short drive away from Ridgecrest. 

Please be certain to visit Ridgecrest’s website at  

We ask please for everyone to make plans now to arrive in time for our dinner on the Monday night of the retreat, as I shall share some important updates regarding the ministry and activity of the APA, including news of our effort to establish full sacramental communion with the Traditional Anglican Church (TAC).  Because Ridgecrest is a conference and retreat center and not a hotel, please note that arrangements for lodging and food will differ from past experiences. Please carefully review the attached flyer below for all the details.

I eagerly look forward to sharing a truly excellent and joyful time with all of you in April. Please be assured of my continual prayers for you, and please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions or comments. 

God bless you!

In Our Blessed Lord, 

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