St. James On-the-Glebe Church was the recipient of the 2021 “Lenten Appeal” of the Anglican Province of America. In this, the money was raised to be able to send a full-time vicar for the first time to St. James to help grow and lead the church. St. James On-the-Glebe was picked to receive this gracious gift because of all of the incredible potential found here. Having gone for many years without the care of a full-time priest, the members of the church were struggling with the upkeep of the historic glebe land and the 1700s Glebehouse. The church has never been afforded the ability to go beyond maintenance and take advantage of the marvelous gift of the glebe property (gifted to them in 2006.) As the church faced an uncertain future, the Lenten Appeal has given the church a final push and opportunity. In August 2021, the Rev’d Kevin C. Fife was appointed vicar.

The congregation has outgrown the converted “chicken coop” chapel (yes, it actually was originally a chicken coop!). They are in need of a full-sized building to support the growth of the church. The Carriage House Fellowship Hall is also without running water or heat. This is an immediate issue as winter settles in.

There are also plans to start a classical school to serve the educational needs of the children of the parish, as well as the many children in this area whose families want an excellent and explicitly Christian education for them. The glebe has room for and needs to serve the community with a cemetery. The parishioners plan to start a large garden to grow their own food, eating the fruit of the land God has given them, and teaching the students how to care for it.

A gift to St. James On-the-Glebe directly supports the preservation and handing-down of traditional faith, values, and morality. The congregation stands for a classical Christian worldview of honor, respect, and dignity. The multi-generational congregation here is an example of Christ’s Body actively working together for the preservation and cultivation of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in a chaotic modern world.

A new website has been designed and published that fully lays out what St. James On-the-Glebe is now, what it was, and what it hopes to be. That website can be accessed here.

Below is a video recently published to introduce the congregation to the world around it, as well as a gallery of pictures, to help one “get the flavor” of this unique congregation. More, of course, can be accessed on the congregation’s website. One can support St. James On-the-Glebe through this link.

A Gallery from the Glebe