The Primary Synod for a new diocese within the Anglican Province of America (APA) was held on Sunday, August 22, 2021. The formation of this new diocese, by the junction of the Diocese of Mid-America and the Diocese of the West, was consented to and ratified by the Provincial Synod of the APA on July 22, 2021. The Primary Synod, held via Zoom meeting platform, included clergy and lay delegates from 12 parishes and missions and four non-parochial clergy. The Primary Synod adopted a resolution naming the new diocese the Diocese of the Central and Western States (DCWS) and that said Diocese accedes to the Constitution and Canons of the APA. Also, Canons for the DCWS were adopted.

The Right Reverend Robert Todd Giffin, D.D., assumed presidency of the Synod as its Bishop Ordinary.

The Diocese elected its initial officers as follows:

  • Secretary of Diocesan Synod: Mrs. Leslie Holland
  • Treasurer of Diocesan Synod: Mrs. Judith Vallejo
  • Standing Committee Clergy Members: Rev. Fr. Chris Smith (3 yr. term), Rev. Canon Robert Jennings (2 yr. term)
  • Standing Committee Lay Members: Mr. John Watson (3 yr. term), Mrs. Leslie Holland (2 yr. term), Mr. Daniel Kohlhauer (1 yr. term)

Bishop Giffin made the following appointments for the DCWS:

  • Archdeacon: The Ven. Frank Endres
  • Canon to the Ordinary: The Rev. Canon Robert Cheeseman
  • Canon for Pastoral Care: The Rev. Canon Yossi Sarid
  • Dean of the Northwest: The Very Rev. Robert Hawkins
  • Sub-dean of the Pro-Cathedral: The Rev. Fr. Benjamin Holland
  • Diocesan Missioners: The Rev. Fr. Ian Dunn and the Rev. Fr. John Lohmann
  • Diocesan Administrator: Mrs. Norma Jean Giffin
  • Diocesan Newsletter Manager: Mrs. Anne Fincke

Also appointed by Bishop Giffin were the members of the following boards and committees:

Board of Examining Chaplains:

  • Fr. Dunn, Fr. Holland, Fr. Lohmann, Canon Sarid, and  the Rev. Fr. Scott Koszalinski

Bishop’s Advisory Committee:

  • Canon Cheeseman, Canon Jennings, Canon Sarid, the Rev. Fr. John Longcamp, M.D.,  and the Rev. Fr. Vincent Varnas

Diocesan Court:

  • Dean Hawkins, Canon Cheeseman, and the Rev. Fr. William Baker

Committee on Missions:

  • Clergy Members: Fr. Dunn and Fr. Longcamp (Co-chairs), and Canon Jennings
  • Lay Members: Mrs. Fincke, Mrs. Heather Grothaus, and Mrs. Sharon Fiore

The DCWS will hold a special Diocesan Synod in October 2021 to adopt a budget for Fiscal Year 2022.