The Diocese of the West (DOW) and the Diocese of Mid-America (DMA) met in their annual diocesan synods in Atlanta, Georgia. The DMA convened in the afternoon of July 21, 2021 and the DOW convened in the morning of July 22, 2021. The major order of business for both dioceses was the consideration of proposed resolutions effecting a junction of the two dioceses in order to form a new diocese within the Anglican Province of America (APA). Both synods passed said resolutions unanimously. Later in the morning on July 22, all the synod participants from both dioceses gathered together for the signing of the resolution documents necessary to be presented to the Provincial Synod of the APA, which was to meet later that day. Mrs. Leslie Holland and Mr. John Watson, synod secretaries of the DMA and DOW, respectively, signed the documents certifying the passing of the resolutions in the diocesan synods. The Rt. Rev. Robert T. Giffin, Bishop Ordinary of the DMA, signed the DMA document giving his consent to the junction of the dioceses. The Rev. Canon Robert W. Hawkins, Vicar General of the DOW, signed the DOW document, indicating the consent of the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese to the merger.

On the afternoon of July 22, the Provincial Synod of the APA met in Atlanta, Georgia and ratified the decision to join the two dioceses together to form a new diocese. That ratification allows the Primary Synod of the new diocese to meet and properly organize itself into a functioning diocese within the APA. The new diocese is tentatively called the Diocese of the Central and Western States, which name must be confirmed by the Primary Synod. Bp. Giffin has called for that Primary Synod to be held August 22, 2021.