This pilgrimage has been postponed to February 2022. Details will be posted as they are received.

Fr. John W. Klein, SSC writes the following letter for those interested in participating in this year’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land for members of the Anglican Province of America.

The APA Holy Land Pilgrimage has become an annual journey with many enthusiastic pilgrims. Many are signing up by writing to me even as I write to you. Do not worry, we have room for you to go. You can register by clicking through on this link.

  I will be the spiritual guide for this pilgrimage 2021, with Linda my wife helping me. Please take your treasured place and register today. Join us to venture forth following Patriarchs and Prophets, Christ and his Apostles to celebrate the Eucharist daily at the very holiest sights, to pray Morning and Evening Prayer as we go, and to build a Christian community fellowship that you will never forget. And, you will never read or hear the Bible the same way again after walking in the footsteps of Christ in Galilee and Jerusalem.

  Oh, one more thing. We are going to Petra in Jordan this time, and following Moses to Mount Nebo, Madaba and Jerash as well. This is going to be really different and a journey few have ever made. This is simply not to be missed. So mark your calendars for 8-18 November 2021 and start saving your shekels for the journey of a lifetime. Call me at (334) 663-2985 for more information. Or email at


  Fr. John William Klein