Thirty-four years ago in 1986, All Saints Church acquired property on McDowell Road in Mills River, North Carolina. The congregation made a conscious decision at the time to “pay as you go” in constructing facilities. The initial church was a multi-purpose worship and fellowship space in what is now the main section of the parish hall. Upon completion in that year, it was immediately recognized that additional space was needed for education and a nursery and so a lean-to shed was attached to the north side of the multi-purpose space for three rooms. In 1993, construction began on the present church building and was competed the following year. A classroom wing was added in 2004, south of the parish hall. When it became apparent a few years ago that this parish needed to plan for the future due to the growth they were experiencing, in 2018, they launched a construction project to build office space, expand the parish hall, and erect a bell tower. All those projects, along with a new picnic shelter, were completed last year, except for one thing…bells in the bell tower. On Sunday, July 5, All Saints Church celebrated and finalized the expansion of the parish church with a Solemn Blessing of Church Bells, thereby dedicating, blessing, and consecrating three new bells installed in the tower the previous week.

The installation of the bells occurred the week of June 29. The bells were manufactured by Meeks, Watson & Company of Georgetown, Ohio. On Monday morning June 29 at 7:30 a.m., the co-owner of the company Bill Meeks arrived on site with his son Josh, the plant manager, and Cody, the installation technician, and the work began. Monday was spent raising the bells into the tower and attaching them in place. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were spent installing all the wiring, motors, relays, etc. required to operate the bell. On Thursday afternoon, the bells were rung for the first time as they were tested and adjusted.

The video of the solemn blessing ceremony is below, as is a video of the lifting of the bells into the bell tower. Below the videos are photo galleries of the installation and the solemn blessing ceremony.
Gallery of Installation Photos Gallery of Solemn Blessing Photos