APA Provincial Synod After consultation with the House of Bishops and other leadership of the APA, I have decided to postpone the Provincial Synod until next year, 2021.  The indication from Canon Robert Hawkins, the Vicar General of the Diocese of the West, is that those who were planning on attending the Synod 2020 have voiced a reluctance in travel by air across the country during this time of active coronavirus.  Additionally, there is as of this writing, no firm commitment from the Governor of North Carolina that the Meeting space in the hotel would be available or have size limitations imposed under the present restrictions.  It is therefore our studied opinion that it is best in the interest of safety including cross-country travel to postpone the APA Provincial Synod.  I am truly sorry for this disappointing news but see no other way at this time.  I will schedule a Provincial Council Meeting in the near future.    DMA Synod The DMA will not meet with the DEUS in North Carolina, but likely conduct its Synod business via Zoom sometime in the next two months.    DOW Synod The DOW Synod timing and location (or via Zoom or similar technology) has yet to be determined.