On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, a Dialogue was convened at St. Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. The Dialogue continued through the next day. The Dialogue brought together the Union of Scranton, represented by the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC), and the Anglican Joint Synods Churches (commonly referred to as the “G-4” jurisdictions). The Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Province of America, the Most Rev’d Walter H. Grundorf, who attended the Dialogue, provided the following brief report.
”In October 2017, PNCC representatives were invited and attended the Anglican Joint Synods, now referred to as the G4 Jurisdictions, which led to this Dialogue. The Diologue was a friendly meeting which began with introductions, which allowed time for each to give a brief history of the jurisdictions represented. The Anglicans of the G4 were each able to explain their origins and how the jurisdictions were finally united in full communion with each other.  The Jurisdictions of the G4 were represented by their Presiding Bishops and Archbishops from the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), the Anglican Church in America (ACA), the Anglican Province of America (APA), the Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). Also in attendance was a Bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC). The PNCC Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky and Bishop Paul Sobiechowski gave a brief history of the origins and history of the PNCC. This included their dialogue with Rome, the Union of Utrecht, the formation of Union of Scranton, and their work with the Nordic Catholic Church.  The PNCC was represented by three bishops and two senior priests. The agenda was well-planned and allowed time for the participants to get to know each other informally.”

In an historic moment during the Dialogue, the Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky, Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church, celebrated the Holy Communion, according to the rite of the PNCC, at the altar of St. Barnabas Church on Wednesday, January 16. This was the first time, since 1952, that the PNCC Prime Bishop has celebrated the Eucharist using his own church’s rite at an Anglican church. The Dialogue will reconvene on June 18-19, 2019 at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral in Lancaster, NY and will be hosted by the PNCC. .