2019 DEUS Synod Registration Page

Banquet or Barbecue Only purchases are at the bottom of this page.

Welcome to the Diocese of the Eastern U.S. Synod registration page. In order to register for Synod, you need only click on “Add to Cart” below Synod Registration. Registration fees INCLUDE one banquet, one barbecue, one Thursday lunch, and breakfast tickets for registrants.

The registering process has been developed with the intention that each person registering for synod makes his own registration. We recognize there are those who need assistance from others to register or perhaps a parish credit card will be used. You will have the opportunity to change credit card information later in the checkout process.

Before registering, be sure you understand the rules regarding representation at the Synod. Failure to register correctly will invalidate your registration.

Each parish or mission in good standing is entitled to representation by two (2) duly elected Lay Delegates. Each congregation may also send up to two (2) duly elected Alternates who may assume the voting privileges of a Delegate should he be unable to exercise his duties at Synod. There is no limit on the number of Observers who may register from each congregation. In fact, it is encouraged that as many attend the Synod as possible. Observers have no voting rights. An Observer may not be elevated to Delegate or Alternate status once the Synod begins.

Each Clergyman in good standing in the Diocese is a Delegate to Synod, and should register as such.

Under Synod Registration, we have included “Add-ons” for an extra banquet ticket, an extra barbecue ticket, an extra Thursday lunch ticket, and extra breakfast for your stay. These are usually used for a family member who will join you for these events but is not registered for Synod. If you wish to pay for these, make the appropriate selection. Once you have made your choices, click “Add Registration to Cart” and you will be taken to your “shopping cart” to review what you have purchased. When you continue the checkout process, all your pertinent information will be gathered at that time to properly register you for Synod.

Synod Registration (late fee now applies)
Price: $150.00
(Note: Only one registration may be made at a time. Please check out and return here for additional registrations.This fee includes one banquet, one barbecue, one Thursday lunch, and breakfast for your stay.)
Optional Registration Add-ons:
One additional Banquet Ticket for $45?  
One additional Barbecue Ticket for $15?
One additional Lunch Ticket for $10?
One additional Breakfast during your stay for $25?

Banquet & Barbecue Only Ticket Purchases

Many times local parishes wish to bring a group of parishioners to the banquet or barbecue for food, fun and fellowship. If you wish to do so, you may make a purchase of Banquet Only and/or Barbecue Only tickets using the selections below. Type in the number of tickets you wish to purchase and then click “Add to Cart” to complete the purchase. If you choose these options, you will fill out the registration questions as a delegate or observer would but you will not receive registration materials or name tags.

No Banquet Tickets available
Price: $45.00 each
Type in the number of tickets you would like to purchase:

Barbecue Only Ticket Purchase
Price: $15.00 each
Type in the number of tickets you would like to purchase: