The Trinitarian is the official gazette of the Anglican Catholic Church. Since the signing of the inter-communion agreement between the so-called “G-4” churches, it has also become a newspaper of record for the Anglican Province of America, Anglican Church in America, and Diocese of the Holy Cross. It is published 6 times a year and is available in a print edition (newspaper style) or a digital edition(PDF format). The bishops of all four churches recommend that all their clergy and members subscribe to this newsletter.
Yearly subscription costs are:

· $22.00 digital edition only

· $25.00 print edition only

· $28.00 both editions

To subscribe, send a check to cover the subscription you wish to purchase and, of course, include your name and contact information. Subscriptions should be submitted to: Paul Holmes, Business Manager
The Trinitarian
6413 S. Elati Street
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: (303) 798-6948
Fax: (303) 798-9435
It is also possible to subscribe on-line, with a minor additional processing fee. To do so, click here to go the The Trinitarian’s page on the ACC website.