In a rare and historic occasion, the parish family of All Saints Church, Mills River, North Carolina gathered on Sunday, October 7, 2018, at 11:00 a.m., to witness and celebrate the Setting Apart of Cynthia Ingram Hensley as a Deaconess in Christ’s Holy Church. The church was filled, along with parishioners, with family and friends of Mrs. Hensley, as well as three deaconesses of the Diocese of the Eastern United States, Tina Jenkins, Debbie Kidd, and Claire Burgess. The Most Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, Ordinary of the Diocese, presided and preached on the occasion. The Venerable Erich A. Zwingert, rector of All Saints Church, presented Mrs. Hensley to Bishop Grundorf for her Setting Apart. Deaconesses Jenkins, Kidd, and Burgess vested the newly set apart Deaconess in her jacket, the symbol of her office. Archdeacon Zwingert bestowed the Deaconess Cross on Deaconess Hensley, as a gift from the parish. Bishop Grundorf then presented, to a rousing ovation, the new Deaconess to those present.

Music was provided by Mr. Brian Weber, choirmaster and organist of All Saints, and the parish choir, including the singing of the Magnificat during the Order for the Setting Apart. Others serving at the altar for the Setting Apart and the celebration of the Holy Communion were the Rev. Mr. Louis Linn, curate of the parish, Dr. Eric Byrd, layreader, Mr. Anthony Johnson and Mr. Bill Morton, first and second servers, Mr. George Briggs and Dr. Paul Owen, acolytes, and Mr. Isaiah Byrd, crucifer.

A reception was held immediately following in the parish hall for all those present, in honor of Dss. Hensley’s accomplishment in the ministry of the Church. She has been assigned to the ministry in her home parish and will directly assist Archdeacon Zwingert in pastoral care and education at All Saints Church. She is also the administrator of the parish.