It has been my distinct pleasure and privilege to have just returned from two very successful Synods of our Anglican Province of America in the month of July 2018. The Diocese of the Eastern U.S. (DEUS) held its 50th Synod in Charlotte, North Carolina hosted by St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church. The Diocese of Mid-America (DMA) held its 9th annual Synod in San Antonio, Texas hosted by St. Chad’s Anglican Church. The Rt. Rev. Robert T. Giffin is the Bishop Ordinary. I will report on both Synods from my perspective.

Diocese of the Eastern United States Synod

Business Accomplished

The DEUS met the week of July 15-20, with most of the Meetings and Sessions held at the Hilton University Hotel. The Synod was well-attended and a wonderful spirit prevailed over the assembled people of the Diocese and invited guests. The daily worship services, whether Holy Communion or Morning and Evening Prayer, were uplifting and set an atmosphere of love and cooperation among those attending. Each priest or bishop who delivered homilies did so with serious thought and were well received. The business of the Diocese went smoothly with the passage of the new budget for 2019 exceeding the proposal. The new officers for the Standing Committee were elected by House. The Rev. Matthew Harlow was elected by the clergy to replace the Very Rev. Gordon Anderson and the House of Laity elected Mr. Jack Erdody replacing Mr. Jack Wyatt, both completing their 3-year terms. The Rev. Brad Cunningham was elected serve as the new President of the Standing Committee and Deaconess Debbie Kidd as Secretary. As I mentioned, the budget for the 2019 fiscal year was presented and enthusiastically underwritten by the parishes and missions. Additionally, it was agreed that all funds collected over expenses will go to a new Curacy Fund to assist congregations in calling a graduating seminarian to do a curacy in a healthy parish with as strong parish priest to serve as mentor. Other Offices appointed or elected included the Chairman of the Board of Examining Chaplains: the Very Rev. Mark Menees; reappointed to the Bishop’s Advisory Committees: Upper Diocese, the Very Rev. Nick Henderson, Chairman, the Rev. Thomas Burr and Mr. Jack Erdody and Lower Diocese: the Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, Chairman, the Rev. Dr. David Sokol and Mr. Wayne Haefner. The Diocesan Court was elected: the Rev. Tracy Smith, the Rev. Dr. David Sokol and the Rev. James Johnson.

During the Business Session, it was my pleasure, on behalf of the Rev. William Martin, Academic Dean of Logos House of Theological Studies, to present diplomas of Associate Degree in Sacred Theology–Deaconess to deaconess candidates, Cynthia Hensley and Mary Kay Young.

Developmental Session

We had the privilege of having Bishop Kenneth Myers as our developmental speaker on Thursday morning and early afternoon of the Synod. Bishop Myers spoke about his book entitled, The End Is Near…or Maybe Not, which captured the interest of those in attendance. He presented the eschatological position of the historic church as opposed to the more modern concepts of the 19th and 20th centuries Dispensationalism, rapture of the church and pre-millennialism. He ended his instruction on a very positive theme concerning the coming of Christ when all nations will, in the end turn, to our Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Myers is a very engaging speaker and a number of our Churches and Deaneries have invited him to do a seminar later this year.

First APA Missionary Bishop

The highlight of the Synod was the Synod Eucharist, when the Rt. Rev. David W. Haines was Consecrated as the first Missionary Bishop in the Anglican Province of America. This Synod Mass was held at the beautiful St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews (Charlotte), North Carolina. Bishop Haines will continue the work he has was doing as Vicar General and will now be able to do Confirmations and Ordinations as needed on his Visitations. Specifically, Bishop Haines has been designated as Bishop of Ecuador and the Missionary District of the Caribbean but will also continue to serve all our foreign missions. He will also continue to serve as Rector of All Saints’ Church, Wilmington, North Carolina. The Consecration Eucharist was live streamed on Facebook and received over 1,000 hits in real time and many hundreds more since then.

We were pleased to have the Rt. Rev. Paul Hewett of the Diocese of the Holy Cross, representing the Joint Synods Fellowship (G-4), at the Consecration to lay hands on Bishop Haines along with the Bishops of the APA. There were an estimated 236 people at the Consecration Eucharist and amazingly, the host parish was able to feed all who were there with the help of the Troup Unit 447 from the local Home School Cooperative.

In Memorium

The closing remarks of my Address, I mentioned three of our Clergy who died during the first part of 2018. In January, we lost Father Frank O’Donnell, who was serving as Vicar of St. Timothy’s Church, Swannanoa, North Carolina; Bishop Clark Dorman, who was an Assistant Bishop in the DEUS and retired Rector of All Saints’ Church, Port St. John, Florida (April) and the Rev. Canon Ray Unterburger, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Melbourne, Florida and also Chairman of the Board of Examining Chaplains (June). Please pray for their widows Margaret (Peg) Dorman; Beverly O’Donnell; and Cheryl Unterburger, who supported and cared for their husbands throughout their ministries. Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them.

Election of a Coadjutor for the DEUS

I announced to the 2018 Synod that I am calling for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor at the 2019 Synod, which will be held in Orlando, Florida. The Synod will be hosted by St. Alban’s Cathedral. The proposed dates for the Synod will be July 15-19, 2019.

Many thanks to the efforts of the parish of St. Michael’s Church under the Rectorship of Father Michael Cawthon, the organization of Synod Coordinator, Deaconess Tina Jenkins, and the online registration technical work of Archdeacon Erich Zwingert, as well as the in-house support of my Executive Secretary, Lisa Ulrich, for this most successful Synod. It was a well-organized and glorious time for all the people of God who were assembled for this 50th anniversary Synod.

Diocese of Mid-America Synod

Business Accomplished

The DMA Synod was held July 25-27, 2018, in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, presided over by the Rt. Rev. Robert T. Giffin, Bishop Ordinary. I sensed a real development of comradery among the clergy as they are coalescing as a Diocese. The opening reception at the home of Bishop and Norma Jean Giffin was a wonderful time of fellowship and getting to know one another, many of whom I had not met until this Synod. There were 35 registered clergy, laity and guests in attendance from five of the seven parishes/missions along with special invited guests from the Diocese of New Orleans, Anglican Catholic Church, in addition to me as the Presiding Bishop, and Dr. Mary Grundorf representing the APA Missions Board. Bishop Giffin provided the Synod Address and reported on the growth of the Diocese, which had a solid 45% growth rate in the past year. The Synod passed a strong budget demonstrating their faith and belief in the growing success of their Diocese. As the Presiding Bishop, I gave a report on the state of the Province which included a thanks for the work they had all done in the DMA and a charge for the future. Dr. Mary Grundorf gave a PowerPoint presentation on the Global Partnerships including India, Haiti, the Philippines and Ecuador. She emphasized the fact that all APA Parishes and Missions are helping to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to the Church Militant.

Bishop Giffin designated St. Chad’s Anglican Church as the Pro-Cathedral of the Diocese, as he is also serving as Dean/Rector of this parish. Father Benjamin Holland was also named as the Sub-Dean of the Pro-Cathedral. Other business included the election of new members of the Standing Committee, with Mrs. Lorraine Cheeseman serving a three-year term representing the laity and Father Ben Holland elected to a three-year term as a clergy representative. Father John Lohmann was appointed by the Bishop to serve on the Board of Examining Chaplains.

Area Tours

A great highlight provided by the Synod was a tour of two historic San Antonio Missions: Mission San Jose and Mission Conception. Deacon Clint McKenzie, of St. Chad’s Church and a prominent archeologist, was our tour guide. Dinner was held at a local historic Mexican Restaurant followed by a Riverboat cruise along the downtown San Antonio River.

The Synod Eucharist was held Friday morning with all guests from the ACC in attendance. Bishop Giffin celebrated the Mass and I was the homilist. Many thanks to Rick Watson who once again traveled from Southern Ohio with the organ, as he did for the DEUS Synod in Charlotte, to make for a beautiful Solemn High Mass. The Synod was adjourned on Friday, July 27 at 12 noon.

My grateful thanks for the efforts of the parish of St. Chad’s under the leadership of Bishop Giffin, Dean, the assistance of Norma Jean Giffin, DMA Administrator, and the organization of Synod Coordinator, Diane Jackson for a fruitful Synod. The Synod events were carefully planned and well-executed for a smoothly run, uplifting and fun event.

Presiding Bishop’s Charge to DEUS & DMA

My charge highlighted the need for each parish/mission to spend time studying, praying and discussing how they can become “missional” as a community of Christians. There are two important groups to reach: (1) Christians seeking a more substantive and meaningful expression of the Faith and (2) the Unchurched. One of the women from the DMA, Mrs. Mavis Caudill, showed the group how this can be accomplished in a practical way, no matter how big or small the church. If a family visits with their children and ask if you have a Sunday School, never say “no.” Respond “Yes, we do.” She proceeded to show how a Sunday School in a box can work with little advanced preparation. Information on this can be found through St. Chad’s Anglican Church. I encouraged sharing of these ideas, successes and getting together to brainstorm, experiment and be creative.

It was a great experience being a part of two wonderful Synods. God bless each of you for the work you do and for your love and support

Anglican Legacy Camp 2018

Soon there will be pictures and an article on the webpage to see the encouraging growth in our youth of our church from around the DEUS and others from intercommunion partners that attended summer camp. I want to thank all those who contributed to the scholarship fund to provide a way for deserving children to attend camp. What a great way to bond with other Anglican children as they meet at camp from year to year. Special thanks to Coordinator: Fr. Michael Cawthon; Clergy Counselors: Bishop Chad Jones, Bishop Kenneth Myers, Fr. Cawthon, Fr. Matt Harlow, Fr. Peter Joslyn, Fr. Brian Oldfield, Fr. Geordan Geddings, (Diocese of the Holy Cross), Fr. Paul Sterne (Diocese of the Holy Cross); Laity Counselors: Kelli Brodrecht (St. Alban’s Cathedral), Pam Driscoll (St. Michael the Archangel Church), Susan Crosby (St. Michael the Archangel Church), Shonika Bankole (St. Michael the Archangel), and all the lay people of St. Michael the Archangel Church, in Charlotte, North Carolina, who helped make this year’s camp so successful.

Reminder–Holy Land Pilgrimage–Feb. 2019

We have sent out emails with the flyer about the upcoming Holy Land Tour scheduled for February 2019. We are excited that many of us will have the opportunity to go with the experienced Tour Guides of our own, Fr. John Klein and Bishop Chad Jones! Per Fr. Klein, “It is important to note that this is not like other tourist’s vacations in Israel. This is a life-changing Anglican Pilgrimage to the holiest places on earth, where we bring our hearts and souls before the Savior, walking the Way of the Cross and entering the Holy Sepulcher prepared by the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.” The itinerary is at to see more details and register. If questions, feel free to contact Fr. John Klein at (334) 663-2985 or

With Fraternal love and blessings,




Save the Date—2019 Winter Conference

The APA Winter Conference has been scheduled for January 23-25, 2019, at Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, Florida. This is open to all APA clergy, deaconesses, postulants, deaconess candidates and spouses.


Ad Clerum APA


APA: The Very Rev. David Haines was Consecrated as Missionary Bishop, APA, on July 19, 2018, at the DEUS Synod held at St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC. He was designed as Bishop of Ecuador and the Missionary District of the Caribbean and will continue to serve all our foreign missions.



DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Tyler Phass was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest on May 26, 2018, at St. Paul’s Church, Melbourne, FL. He will continue to serve as Curate at St. Paul’s Church.

DEUS: Mr. Mark Perkins will be ordained to the Diaconate on August 18, 2018, at All Saints Church, Charlottesville, VA. Deacon Perkins will serve as Curate at All Saints.


DMA: The Rev. Benjamin Holland was named Sub-Dean of the new Pro-Cathedral of St. Chad’s Anglican Church, San Antonio, TX.

DEUS: The Very Rev. Mark Menees was appointed Dean of the Central and Eastern Carolinas (April 2018). Additionally, Fr. Menees was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Examining Chaplains, DEUS.

DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Scott Koszalinski to Priest-in-charge, Holy Cross, Knoxville, TN.


DEUS: The Rev. Kevin Sweeney, resigned from St. James, Gloucester, to pursue a fulltime Chaplaincy at Riverside Hospital. Fr. Kevin remains with the DEUS as a nonparochial priest and will assist at St. James Church.


  • St. Mathias Mission, Dothan, AL
  • St. Philip’s Church, Pinellas Park, FL
  • St. James, Gloucester, VA

Prayer List

Of your charity, keep in your prayers:

Fr. John Gibson; Bishop Rushlow; Jackie, wife of Deacon Bridgewater; Bishop Hanlan and wife, Joan; Fr. Sweeney; Bishop Shaver, Fr. Conway, Fr. Carter; Fr. Bakley; Fr. Gardner.

RIP: The Rev. Canon Raymond Unterburger.

APA Presiding Bishop, DEUS Bishop Ordinary Itinerary

July 15: Episcopal Visitation, St. Michael the Archangel, Matthews (Charlotte), NC.

July 16-20: DEUS Synod, Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, Clergy Conference, St. Michael’s Church, Charlotte, NC.

July 19: Consecration of the Rt. Rev. David Haines as Missionary Bishop of the Anglican Province of America, St Michael’s Church, Matthews, NC.

July 24: G-4 Archbishop Conference Call

July 26-27: DMA Synod, St. Chad’s, San Antonio, TX.

Aug. 4-5: Confirmations and Episcopal Visitation, Christ the Redeemer, Fort Valley (Warner Robins), GA.

Aug. 11: Funeral, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL.

Aug. 16-23: Family vacation

Sep. 16: Episcopal Visitation and Consecration of church building (mortgage burning), Holy Spirit, Hatfield, PA.

Sep. 23: Ecumenical Visitation and Preacher, Holy Trinity (REC), Webster Groves, MO.

Sep. 30: Episcopal Visitation, St. Martin’s, Ocala, FL.

DOW Bishop Ordinary, Bishop Robert Giffin

July 26-27: DMA Synod, St. Chad’s, San Antonio, TX.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary

July 16-20: DEUS Synod, Diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains meeting, Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, Clergy Conference, Charlotte, NC.

July 19: Co-Consecrator for the Episcopal Consecration of the Rt. Rev. David Haines as Missionary Bishop of the Anglican Province of America, St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC.

Aug. 18: Ordination of Mark Perkins to the Sacred Order of Deacons, All Saints’ Church, Charlottesville, VA.

Aug. 19: Episcopal Visitation, All Saints’ Church, Charlottesville, VA.

Sep. 4-7: Meeting with Bishops of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC), Le Virage Centre, Beaufort, SC.

Sep. 21-22: Instructor for Teaching and Evangelistic Mission, St. Matthias Church, Dothan, AL.

Sep. 23.: Episcopal Visitation, St. James the Great Church, Smiths Station, AL.

Sep. 25-26: Moderator, “What is Anglicanism?” Conference, Beeson School of Divinity, Samford University, Birmingham, AL.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Perkins Itinerary

July 10: South Florida Traditional Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.

July 16-20: DEUS Synod, Diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains meeting, Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, Clergy Conference, St. Michael’s Church, Charlotte, NC.

July 19: Co-Consecrator for the Episcopal Consecration of the Rt. Rev. David Haines as Missionary Bishop of the Anglican Province of America, St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC.

Aug. 14: South Florida Traditional Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.

Aug. 19: Episcopal Visitation, St. Philips Church Pinellas Park, FL.

Sep. 11: South Florida Traditional Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.

Sep. 23: Episcopal Visitation, St. Matthews Church Riverview, Florida


Birthdays and Anniversaries

July Birthdays

18 Rev. Mr. William Johnston

20 Rev. Mr. Alton Witham

23 Rev. Mr. J. Boyd Baker

24 Rev. Paul Rivard

26 Rev. David Coady, SSA

26 Rev. Ian Dunn

July Anniversaries

01 Rev. Canon Walter Crites, V.G., Diaconate

03 Rev. Paul Rivard, Priesthood

06 Rev. Ian Dunn, Priesthood

08 Rt. Rev. Dr. Larry Shaver, OSB, Bishop

09 Rev. Mr. William Johnston, Diaconate

10 Rev. Guerrier Mews, Diaconate

12 Rev. David Bottoms, Priesthood

12 Rt. Rev. C. Peter Brewer, OSB/Cn Diaconate

12 Rt. Rev. C. Peter Brewer, OSB/Cn Priesthood

19 The Rt. Rev. David Haines, Bishop

20 Rev. Dr. John Longcamp, Diaconate

22 Rev. Kenneth Bailey, Diaconate

22 Rev. John Poole, Priesthood

25 Rev. Dick Miller, Priesthood

26 Rev. Daniel Malcolm, Diaconate

26 Rev. Chip Sills, Diaconate

28 Dss Tina Jenkins, Set Apart

30 Rev. Mr. Charles Miller, Diaconate

August Birthdays

01 Rev. Kevin Burks

09 Rev. Mr. Robert Shoup

10 Rev. Mr. Louis Linn

16 Rev. James Danford

18 Rev. M. Tracy Smith, SSA

25 Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse

29 Rev. Mr. Charles Miller

August Anniversaries

05 Rev. Bradley Cunningham, Priesthood

08 Rev. Randall Russell, Diaconate

11 Rev. James Johnson, Diaconate

13 Rev. William Martin, SSC, Diaconate

13 Rev. Canon Robert Tregenza, PhD, Diaconate

14 Rev. Mr. Allen Ryan, Diaconate

15 Rev. Daniel Squires, Priesthood

17 Rev. Canon Walter Crites, V.G., Priesthood

20 Rev. Mr. Richard Hitchcock, Diaconate

23 Rev. Chris Gardner, SSA, SM, Priesthood

23 Rev. James Johnson, Priesthood

23 Rev. Mr. Arthur Walker, Diaconate

24 Rev. Michael Northup, Priesthood

30 Dss. M. Clare Burgess, Set Apart

September Birthdays

05 Rev. George Ates

09 Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle

11 Ven. Franklin Endres

12 Rev. Robert Tufton

15 Rev. Michael Bolt

19 Rev. David Sokol, SSM

21 Rev. Paul Gerlock

23 Rev. Canon Glenn Spencer

24 Ven. Erich Zwingert, SSC

28 Rev. Canon R. Larry Emerson

29 Rev. Peter Joslyn

29 Rev. Yossi Sarid

September Anniversaries

03 Rev. Daniel Rieger, Diaconate

07 Rev. Michael Stranz, OSB/Cn, Diaconate

08 Rev. Dick Miller, Diaconate

10 Rev. Matthew Harlow, Diaconate

10 Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Diaconate

13 Rev. Canon Robert Jennings, Diaconate

15 Rev. Yossi Sarid, Diaconate

18 Rt. Rev. Chandler Jones, SSC, Bishop

18 Rev. Howard Underwood, Priesthood

20 Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Sr., Priesthood

21 Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Sr., Diaconate

22 Rt. Rev. David Haines, Diaconate

24 Very Rev. J. Gordon Anderson, Diaconate

24 Dss Linda Burns, OSB/Cn, Set Apart

24 Rev. Chris Gardner, SSA, SM, Diaconate

26 Rev. Michael Stranz, OSB/Cn, Priesthood

28 Rev. G. Allen Fisher, Diaconate

Please contact the APA Office at 407.657.0880 or 800.480.1087 or if any of dates are in error or a date has been omitted.