A Groundbreaking in Mills River


During recent years, the men and women of All Saints Anglican Church, Mills River, North Carolina have undertaken a number of impressive improvements to the church facility. All of these efforts have been directed at deferred maintenance or an overdue need to refresh the condition of the church and grounds. Recent examples include the kitchen and fellowship hall renovation, landscape retaining wall replacement, parking lot repaving and striping, and bathroom renovations. Now that these are complete, the parish saw the need to address the “presence” of the church facility in the community and continue to elevate the worship experience.

The church family continues to grow to the point that they frequently run out of seating at special events, meals, and productions. The congregation has more than doubled in size in the past 4 years. They also saw the need to address their means of greeting visitors, both physically and aesthetically, and enhance facility safety during times when few people or children are present in the building.

The convergence of several factors led the Vestry to recommend a modest capital campaign to make strategic improvements in the church facility. They have a noted church architect as a parishioner, interest rates are quite low but are already rising as the economy improves, low-cost improvement options are possible, and a member of the parish, who is a building contractor, has agreed to spearhead construction, which will ensure the “personal” touch in making these improvements. The Rector and Vestry deemed that the time to act was now in maintaining momentum as they anticipate further growth in the parish.

The vestry identified three goals to accomplish what is necessary:

  1. Expand the capacity of the parish hall
  2. Add dedicated office space appropriate to expanding staff needs
  3. Elevate arrival and worship experience with a new bell tower and rock façade on church

The parish launched a capital campaign on February 4, 2018 and the response was outstanding. So much so that March 4, 2018, was set as the groundbreaking day for the expansion of the church facilities. The video and pictures, which accompany this article, are of the groundbreaking ceremony on that day.

The parish is presently awaiting construction permits. They anticipate the new office addition will be dried in by May. Upon obtaining a certificate of occupancy on the addition, the parish hall expansion will commence. The bell tower and rock façade will be completed concurrently, with final project completion in the summer of 2018.

For an in-depth presentation on what the parish hopes to accomplish, click here to see that presentation on their website.