On January 12th, 2018, up on Springmaid Mountain in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, 13 youth group members of different parishes in the Anglican Province of America settled in for a long and very cold weekend for fun in the snow. On the first night up on the mountain, everyone experienced what could have been their first snow of the year. We all woke up to find the world blanketed in a fine white powder and very, very cold weather. The roads were snow-covered, but we all safely descended our weekend home and traveled to the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in Banner Elk, North Carolina. It would lightly snow all day.

Temperatures were said to have been 26 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and around 21 degrees at the top, but the cold weather did not stop both the experienced and inexperienced skiers from tackling the slopes. The resort blew snow, which made visibility close to none near the top of the mountain, but it was a beautiful sight to see when you could catch a glimpse through the clouds of snow. Inside the lodge, everyone came to rest and to take breaks from the cold as well as talk and divulge in the fellowship of each other. From 8 am to around 4 pm our youth skied and had an amazing time, but all were tired and ready for their warm beds and a nice plate of BBQ Chicken.

On Saturday night, the lows got down to around 5 degrees and in the morning, all of us piled into a van to go back to Sugar Mountain! Horseback riding had to be canceled because of the ice and below freezing temperatures, so we compromised and set off to have more fun. The kids arrived and hopped out, frolicking around in the white snowy blanket in 13 degree weather. After exchanging many snowballs, it was time for more fun! Snow tubing!

The chaperones and the kids both tubed the slopes many times and enjoyed cups of hot cocoa at the Sugar Mountain ski lodge. We stayed warm, thankfully, and most importantly, we thank God that no one got injured! When it was time for us to part ways, we said goodbye to each other, but we did not let go of the memories we made on this 2018 APA Ski trip!

Ed., Julia Keyser is a dual enrolled student at W.A. Hough High School and Central Piedmont Community College. She is a member of St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church in Charlotte, NC. She plans to attend Lenoir-Rhyne University in the fall.