A Time of Celebration

As we have come from the exhilaration of the first Joint Anglican Synods of October 2-6, 2017, it is with great joy and praise to God for the wonderful celebration of life together in Full Communion.  How moving it was as the Document of Full Communion (communio in sacris) was signed as the congregations of the four jurisdictions spontaneously broke into the Doxology.  After 40 years of separation, the four jurisdictions, the Anglican Catholic Church, the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Province of America and the Diocese of the Holy Cross, celebrated a Pontifical High Mass with each Archbishop (Bishop) participating in a vital part of the Ceremony. I was the one appointed to preach at this Eucharist. It was truly the culmination of a joyous week for all attending the much anticipated event in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Ravinia Crown Plaza Hotel.


Looking Back

On a personal note, I attended the Congress of St. Louis 1977 as an observer, along with others from what was an early iteration of the Continuing Anglican Church movement. There were a number of those who had been leaving the Episcopal Church beginning in the late 1960s and had organized into parish communities. A number of clergy who attended the Congress were part of a significant body called the American Episcopal Church, which had attracted young evangelicals who were interested in Anglicanism not from the Episcopal Church. I was one of those. We went as interested observers to witness the events of the Congress. What impressed me the most then was the anger and bitterness on the part of so many of the clergy and the laity who were there from the Episcopal Church. The bitterness was understandable, upon reflection, as they felt they were losing or had lost their Church. On the other hand, what I witnessed along with so many of those who were at the Joint Synods 2017, was the happiness and joy of coming together after those long 40 long years of separation.


Getting Down to Business

For those of us from the APA and our Dioceses, it was an extremely busy time of committee meetings and two Diocesan Synods. The DEUS and DMA both held their Synods on Wednesday.  These two Synods were followed on Thursday by the APA Provincial Synod. It was truly exhausting but, praise God, we finished all the scheduled business and had a good time doing it.  My report and charge for the DEUS Synod, and that of the APA Synod, are on our anglicanprovince.org webpage.


The Future

How do we live in this new relationship with our fellow Traditional Anglicans? Unlike love at first sight, and the strong emotional feelings one has in that situation, we have known most of our new partners for many years. We have sometimes felt in competition with them and often see their weaknesses better than we see our own. It is easier to recognize the faults in others than in one’s own self. How do we continue to develop relations with the other Traditional Anglican clergy and laity? We begin by inviting clergy to our various meetings and gatherings such as the Winter Clergy Conference, Women’s Retreats, local clergy gatherings, parish picnics. When traveling, seek out local parishes and missions of our Communion Partners and make it known who you are. We will also make it a point to invite our Communion Partners to be represented at our Synod. Developing lasting relationships in any life circumstance takes effort, patience and time. We must make a commitment to work hard at making these relationships successful. And last, but not least, we must pray as we are instructed by our Lord to be one even as he and the Father are one.


Winter Clergy Conference—January 23-26, 2018

Having the Synod later in the year makes it seem as though our Winter Conference comes rather quickly after the Synod. I have set it toward the end of January 2018 in order to give a little extra time to get things prepared and give everyone a chance to get registered. All clergy (and spouses) and deaconesses are invited from any part of our Province, along with the DEUS BAC and Standing Committee Members. The active clergy of the DEUS are expected to be there unless excused by the Bishop. Registrations will be done online via of our APA webpage. Registration deadline will be January 2, 2018, so we can have an accurate headcount for event materials, seating and meals. There is small registration fee this year of $20, that will be collected upon arrival (checks and cash only). Please note: you will need to make your hotel reservation directly with the hotel (the online registration form does not reserve your room). For reservations at the primary hotel, the Hampton Inn, use the group code of “APA 2018 Winter Clergy Conference” to get the APA discounted rate of $99. There are only 25 rooms at this rate so don’t delay. The overflow hotel is the Quality Inn. Please use our group code of “Anglican Clergy Conference” to receive the reduced rate of $75. Both hotels have free parking and free hot breakfast. This will be the first ever Conference to be held at All Saints’ Church in Palatka, Florida, where Fr. Frank Bartlett is the Priest-in-charge. They have a lovely church building and a nice accommodating parish hall. All events will be at the church which is less than 7 miles from the hotels. Palatka is a historic old city on the St. Johns River. If you chose to fly, the Jacksonville, FL, airport is closest or the other option would be Orlando. The actual Conference will start with the dinner on Wednesday evening, January 24. There will be Morning Prayer on Thursday with a 12 noon Holy Eucharist. (Lunch will be provided at the church.) There will be a special luncheon for the clergy wives at a well-known restaurant on the River. The Thursday afternoon Session will be followed by Evening Prayer, fellowship hour and dinner, featuring local cuisine. The DEUS Bishop Advisory Committees and DEUS Board of Examining Chaplains will be meeting prior to the start of the Conference. On Friday, the Standing Committee for the DEUS will be held from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. The Proposed Schedule is on the last page of this Epistle. I encourage you to make your hotel reservations early.


Other Action taken by APA Synods 2017

Election at DEUS Synod 2017 of Members and Officers of the Standing Committee: The Very Rev. J. Gordon Anderson was re-elected President and Dss Debbie Kidd was elected to replace member Karyn Cozad, who had finished her term. Dss. Kidd was elected as Secretary.

Election at DMA Synod of Members and Officers of the Standing Committee: Canon Jennings was re-elected as President and Fr. Ben Holland was elected to replace a vacancy. Rick Watson was re-elected Secretary.

Election at Provincial Synod 2017 of Officers and Members of Provincial Council were also held.   (Names not available at time of print).

(Diocese of the West Synod meets in 2018)


Diocese of the West News

The Diocese of the West celebrated a much-anticipated day on October 28, 2017, with the Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood of Deacon William Baker and Deacon Christopher Smith, at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Jacksonville, Oregon. Four years ago, I ordained both of these men as Deacon, and it was my pleasure to ordain them to the Priesthood. They have been serving at St. Andrew’s Church and over these years and have been encouraging each other along the way to this most special day of Ordination. They both con-celebrated their first Mass on Sunday, October 29, with Vicar General Robert Hawkins and me there to assist. Father Smith will serve as Rector-elect of St. Andrew’s, and Father Baker will spearhead efforts to establish a new mission in the Southern Oregon area.


On October 22, 2017, the Rev. Canon Robert W. Hawkins, Vicar General, DOW, attended the inaugural service of Holy Angels Anglican Church, La Center, Washington, a church plant sponsored by St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Wilsonville, Oregon. The Rev. Father Vince Varnas celebrated Holy Communion, and has been appointed Priest-in-Charge of the new mission. Holy Angels meets in the La Center Grange Hall, and has been warmly received by the community. Father Varnas has been invited to introduce Holy Angels at the upcoming City Council meeting, and is planning several local activities to raise awareness of the mission.


Celebrating the Cathedral’s 40th Anniversary

In November 2017, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo (Orlando), Florida will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding. Founding members or their families will be returning for two special events: a ‘70s Dance on Saturday, November 4, and a Founders’ Dinner after their Annual Meeting, on Sunday, November 22. There will be a presentation of pictures from the very early days highlighting development of property, renovations, additions and new buildings. Memorable people who were and are a part of this special place in the life of the parish and the APA will be featured. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Advent Season.


Faithfully yours in Christ,



Ad Clerum APA



DOW: Deacon William Baker was  ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest on October 28, 2017, at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Jacksonville, OR. Fr. Baker will spearhead efforts to establish a new mission in the Southern Oregon area.


DOW: Deacon Christopher Smith was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest on October 28, 2017, at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Jacksonville, OR.. Fr. Smith will serve as Rector-elect of St. Andrew’s Church.

Ordinations (Continued)

DEUS: Mr. Robert Shoup will be ordained to the Diaconate on November 11, 2017, at St. Patrick’s Church, Brevard, NC. Deacon Shoup will also serve as Deacon at St. Patrick’s Church.


DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Daniel Rieger will be ordained to the Sacred Order of Priest on November 25, 2017, at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Delray Beach, Florida. He will continue to serve as the Curate at St. Mary the Virgin Church.



DEUS: The Rev. Ernest Pinto has transferred from the APA/DEUS to the Anglican Church in America, Diocese of the Missouri Valley.


Installation & Reception

DOW: The Rev. Ian Dunn will be installed as Rector of All Saints Church, Prescott, AZ, by Bishop Robert Giffin on December 9, 2017.


DOW: The Rev. Benjamin Holland has transferred from the Reformed Episcopal Church and received into the Diocese of the West, APA. Fr. Holland will serve as a Priest at St. Mary Queen of Heaven Church in San Antonio, Texas.



  • Holy Cross Anglican Church, Knoxville, TN
  • St. James of Jerusalem, Sarasota, FL.
  • St. Mathias Mission, Dothan, AL.


Prayer List


Of your charity, keep in your prayers:

Fr. Tracy Smith, Fr. Sweeney and wife, Alice, Fr. Cunningham’s wife, Diane; Bishop Shaver, Postulant Walter (Jay) Gould, Fr. Conway, Fr. Carter; Fr. Poole’s wife, Denice; Bishop Hanlan’s wife, Joan; Fr. Keithly Warner, Fr. Bakley; Retired APA Treasurer, Bill Jourdan and wife, Doris, Fr. Daughtry; Bp Dorman; Fr. Gardner.


RIP: The Rev. Dr. Robert Peeples



APA Presiding Bp, DEUS Bp Ordinary Itinerary

Oct. 1-6 Anglican Joint Synods, Atlanta, Georgia, (with ACA, ACC, and DHC), APA Clergy Conference, Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, House of Bishops meeting, APA Provincial Council meting, Diocese of the Eastern United States Synod, and APA Provincial Synod.

Oct. 15: Episcopal Visitation, St. George Church, Ocala, FL.

Oct. 26-30: Ordination to Priesthood of Deacons William Baker and Christopher Smith, St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville, OR and Episcopal visitation and Confirmations.

Nov. 5: Celebrated Eucharist, St. Alban’s Cathedral, FL.

Nov. 12: Celebrated Eucharist, St. Alban’s Cathedral, FL.

Nov. 15: meeting with prospective clergyman.

Nov. 16: meeting with prospective clergyman.

Nov. 19: Episcopal Visitation, 40th Anniversary, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL.

Nov. 25: Ordination to Priesthood of Deacon Daniel Rieger, St. Mary the Virgin, Delray Beach, FL.

Dec. 3: Advent Lessons and Carols, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL

Dec. 16-17: Confirmation and Episcopal Visitation, St. Peter’s, Kingsport, TN.


DOW Bishop Ordinary Giffin, Itinerary

Dec. 9-10: Installation of Fr. Ian Dunn as Rector of All Saints, Prescott, AZ.


DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary

Oct. 1-6: 2017 Anglican Joint Synods, Atlanta, Georgia, (with ACA, ACC, and DHC) APA Clergy Conference, Diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains meeting, Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, House of Bishops meeting, Diocese of the Eastern United States Synod, and APA Provincial Synod.

Oct. 19-21: Retreat Conductor, Diocesan Women’s Retreat, Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia.

Oct. 26: All Saints’ Church, Mills River, North Carolina, Confirmations.

Nov. 4-6: All Saints’ Church, Mills River, North Carolina, Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations.

Nov. 7: Meeting with delegation from the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC) Province of South Asia in Athens, Georgia.

Nov. 11: Ordination of Robert Frank Shoup to the Sacred Order of Deacons, Saint Patrick’s Church, Brevard, North Carolina.

Dec. 1-4: Saint Philip’s Church, Blacksburg, Virginia, Symposium on Iconography, Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations, Blessing of Icons.


DEUS Suffragan Bishop Perkins Itinerary

Oct. 02–06: 2017 Anglican Joint Synods, Atlanta, Georgia, (with ACA, ACC, and DHC), Diocesan Standing Committee meeting, House of Bishops meeting, Diocese of the Eastern United States Synod, and APA Provincial Synod.

Oct. 10: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus Boca Raton, Florida

Oct. 15: Episcopal Visit Saint Peters Anglican Church Deerfield Beach, FL

Nov. 14: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus Boca Rotan, Florida

Nov. 25: Participation in the Ordination of The Rev. Mr. Daniel Rieger to the Priesthood

Dec. 12: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus Boca Raton, Florida


Birthdays and Anniversaries

October Birthdays

01 Rev. Eric Holle

01 Rev. Robert Placer

01 Rev. John O’Brien, Major USAF

03 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Jr., CBS, SM

05 Rev. David Conway

05 Rev. Ronald Massey

05 Rev. Michael Stranz, OSB/Cn

11 Rev. Irving Cook

16 Rev. William Baker

16 Rev. Frank Bartlett, SSM

18 Rev. Daniel Malcolm

18 Rev. Mr. Allen Ryan

19 Rev. Gregory Miller

20 Rev. Canon Burdett Geer

20 Rev. Canon Edward Warner

23 Rev. Mr. Thad Osborne

24 Rev. Mr. Josef Mayntz

26 Rev. James Johnson

27 Rev C. William Carter

28 Rev. John Gibson

28 Rev. Mr. Richard Hitchcock


October Anniversaries

01 Rev. Thomas Burr, Priesthood

02 Rev. Canon Larry Emerson, Priesthood

03 Rev. George Ates, Diaconate

04 Very Rev. Nicholas Henderson, Priesthood

05 Rev. David Conway, Priesthood

06 Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin, Bishop

07 Rev. Richard Bakley, Priesthood

07 Rev. Stephen Sommerrock, Priesthood

08 Rev. Mark Siegel, Priesthood

08 Rev. Robert Tufton, Diaconate

10 Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, V.G., Priesthood

11 Rev. Mr. Thomas Burr, Diaconate

13 Rev. Eric Holle, Priesthood

14 Rev. M. Tracy Smith, SSA, Priesthood

15 Rev. John O’Brien, Major USAF, Priesthood

16 Rt. Rev. Larry Shaver, Obl, OSB, Diaconate

17 Rt. Rev. Larry Shaver, Obl, OSB, Priesthood

19 Rev. Lawrence Adams, PhD Diaconate

19 Rev. Canon Burdett Geer, Priesthood

19 Rev. John Lohmann IV, Diaconate

20 Rev. William Baker, Diaconate

20 Rev. Christopher Smith, Diaconate

22 Rt. Rev. C. Peter Brewer, Bishop

22 Rev. C. William Carter, Priesthood

23 Most Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Diaconate

26 Rev. Richard Baskwill, Diaconate

26 Rev. Irving Cook, Priesthood

28 Rev. William Baker, Priesthood

28 Rev. Christopher Smith, Priesthood

29 Rev. Vincent Varnas, Diaconate

30 Rev. Dr. Creighton Barnes, Diaconate

30 Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle, Diaconate

31 Rev. Canon Robert Tregenza, PhD, Priesthood

31 Rev. Canon Edward Warner, Priesthood


November Birthdays

05 Rev. John Poole

10 Rev. Michael Bowhay

11 Rev. Dr. Creighton Barnes

12 Rev. Canon James Daughtry

14 Rev. Canon Robert Tregenza, PhD

20 Rev. Matthew Harlow

22 Rev. Kenneth Bailey

25 Rev. John DiBiasi

28 Rev. Mr. Sean McDermott


November Anniversaries

01 Dss. Deborah Kidd, Setting Apart

01 Rev. Gregory Miller, Diaconate

02 Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, V.G., Diaconate

04 Rev. Daniel Malcolm, Priesthood

04 Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Priesthood

10 Rev. Michael Bolt, Priesthood

11 Rev. David Conway, Diaconate

11 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Jr., Bishop

12 Rev. Robert Cheeseman, USAF, Ret.Priesthood

13 Rev. John O’Brien, Maj, USAF, Diaconate

14 Most Rev. A.L. Jaya Rao.P., Bishop

15 Rev. Mr. Clinton McKenzie, Diaconate

16 Rev. David Sokol, SSM, Diaconate

17 Rev. Eugene Godbold, PhD, Diaconate

17 Rev. Mr. Louis Linn, Diaconate

17 Rev. Canon Glenn Spencer, Diaconate

20 Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan, Diaconate

20 Rev. Mr. Christopher Perez, Diaconate

20 Rev. Mr. Alton Witham, Diaconate

22 Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, D.D., Priesthood

23 Rev. John DiBiasi, Diaconate

25 Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle, Priesthood

26 Rev. Mark Siegel, Diaconate


December Birthdays

04 Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Sr.

05 Rev. Canon Walter Crites, V.G. Emeritus

05 Very Rev. Nicholas Henderson

08 Rev. Richard Baskwill

08 Rev. John Lohmann, IV

16 Rev. Chris Gardner, SSA, SM

20 Rt. Rev. Clark Dorman

20 Rev. Robert Kirk

20 Rev. John Klein

23 Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin

27 Very Rev. Michael Smith

30 Rev. Robert Cheeseman, USAF, Ret.


December Anniversaries

05 Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, Priesthood

06 Rev. Robert Cheeseman, USAF, Ret.Diaconate

07 Rev. Kevin Burks, Diaconate

10 Rev. Mr. Lawrence Stogner, III, Diaconate

12 Rev. Paul Rivard, Diaconate

13 Rev. Lawrence Adams, PhD, Priesthood

13 Rev. George Harding, Priesthood

14 Rev. Mr. J. Boyd Baker, Diaconate

14 Rev. Michael Northup, Diaconate

15 Rev. Bradley Cunningham, Diaconate

16 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, CBS, SM, Priesthood

16 Ven. Erich Zwingert, SSC, Priesthood

19 Rev. Michael Bowhay, Priesthood

21 Rev. Robert Burgreen, Diaconate

21 Rt. Rev. Chandler Jones, SSC, Priesthood

29 Rev. David Coady, SSA, Diaconate

29 Rev. Canon James Daughtry, Priesthood

30 Rev. David Eastes, Diaconate


Please contact the APA Office at 1-800-480-1087 or  at apadeus@cfl.rr.com if any of dates are in error or a date has been omitted.