Six weeks ago a mama dog laden with unborn pups arrived on the church property of St. George’s Church, Ocala, Florida.  She dug herself a den under the utility shed and soon gave birth to a litter of eight. Concerned St. George parishioners monitored the situation, and member Dieter S. took over their care. (Dieter is a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in the 2nd World War as a four-year-old.)  He compassionately attended to the mother, Ellie, making sure she was fed and hydrated. The pups thrived. Last week these fur-babies began roaming, and Dieter knew it was time to re-home them. Dieter contacted a caring, local rescue organization known as VOCAL (Voices of Change Animal League) and they took over at that point.


Thursday, June 22, was departure day and it turned into a three-hour rodeo and round up. Ellie showed no aggression and happily jumped in the back seat with her pups in crates behind her. All are now bathed, flea-picked, de-wormed and have had their nails trimmed. Next up will be their first visits to the veterinarian. Much care and compassion has been shared throughout this time with Mama and the pups. The parishioners of St. George are pleased to begin their summers with such joy and were thrilled to find out that VOCAL will join them for their annual Blessing of the Animals in October.


You can access a Facebook video of the rescue itself by clicking here.