The following are portions of an email from Presiding Bishop Grundorf regarding Fr. Kevin Sweeney and the tragedy that has befallen him and his family.

A young priest [Fr. Kevin Sweeney, St. James Church, Gloucester, Virginia] of our Church is in the hospital fighting for his life. He went to the hospital for a procedure and on his way home underwent extreme respiratory distress leading to respiratory arrest. The doctor sent him to the emergency room and his condition continued to degenerate. He was admitted to the hospital and ended up in the I.C.U. unable to breathe; his lungs filling with blood. He has been on a ventilator, sedated and unconscious. There is still no answer as to the cause of this condition.  His wife, Alice, has been by his side along with his parents and, praise God, priests of our church have been ministering to him. Please pray for his survival and recovery.

Being in the hospital and especially in Intensive Care is financially devastating to the family.  How can we help?… [There has been a fundraising page setup for Fr. Kevin and his family on] “YouCaring Compassionate Crowdfunding.”  …All funds given go directly to the family to help cover the hospital and other expenses. I encourage everyone who is able to donate to assist Fr. Kevin’s family.  Please pass this on to others in your parishes who might wish to help with this worthy cause.  All of us working together doing what we can will truly make a difference to the Sweeneys and will let them know of our love and concern for them.

God bless each of you and God bless the Sweeney family.

+Walter Grundorf

[From the editor: YouCaring Compassionate Crowdfunding does NOT charge any fees for this service. All monies raised go directly to the Sweeney Family. Click here to go to the YouCaring Page for the Sweeney Family.]