The first half of this year, at St. Peter the Apostle Church, Kingsport, Tennessee, has been marked with growth in attendance. Most significantly, Michael and Amy Young and their 11 children joined the congregation, bringing much joy to the members of the congregation. On Sunday, June 11, 2017, on Trinity Sunday, the Very Rev. Nicholas Henderson, Area Dean, baptized the eleven children of the family. The Godparents for the children were Julie and Dann Barrett and Linda and Dan Young.

The Young Family and the entire congregation were thrilled to share in the beginning of the children’s lives in Christ.  Fr. Henderson’s sermon for the day has been added to St. Peter’s website. The day was completed with a reception in the Rev. Frank O’Donnell Parish Hall in the undercroft of the church, sponsored and made possible by the Ladies of St. Peter’s Church.  Everyone who attended the Baptism remained for the reception.  The newly baptized children helped the ladies serve and clear, which was a delight for the older members of the congregation.  Many people lingered to enjoy themselves, enjoying the new life injected into the congregation.