This year’s Anglican Legacy Camp, held June 11-16, 2017, in Westfield, North Carolina, was a great success.  Forty eight children attended as campers and eleven adults volunteered as counselors volunteered.  The theme for this year’s camp and its Anglican Studies program was The Way, Truth, and Life, as advertised on the camp’s t-shirts.  There were ten new campers joining the returning crew and reports are they blended fantastically and fit right in with the “old timers.” The Vineyard Camp in Westfield was again the host camp. The staff there was very accommodating to ensure that the Anglican Legacy camp had complete control over its own schedule and activities.  The activities for this year’s participants were horseback riding, the “blob” at the lake, standing paddle boarding, canoeing, paint ball, tennis, marksmanship, archery, 45’ confidence ropes course, and swimming. The camp pool was available every day and the campers even had a Sunday evening swim when they arrived.  The children spent the week without electronics and spent time together in a Christian environment, learning and living the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  As is always the case, the older kids assist with the younger ones, with Fr. Mike Cawthon’s eye always on them to identify future camp counselors!  Several of the campers had an 11 hour drive to reach the camp. Fr. Cawthon, the camp’s director, singled out, for thanks, Ms. Kelli, the “road warrior” he called her, for transporting the Florida children to the camp. All of the children who attended this year will still be young enough to return next year. If Fr. Cawthon is able to increase the number of counselor volunteers for next year, the camp will be able to accommodate more children.  The Anglican Legacy Camp relies on scholarship donations to ensure any child may attend if they so desire. Also, the camp exists only because the dedicated adult volunteers are committed to the children being in a caring, loving environment centered on our Lord Jesus Christ in the Anglican Way of Christianity. Contact Fr. Cawthon at St. Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC, if you can help monetarily or would like to volunteer as a counselor. In but a few weeks, more pictures of this year’s camp will be posted on the camp’s website