On Mother’s Day weekend this year, the Most Rev’d Walter Grundorf, and his wife Mary, visited St. Philip’s Church, Blacksburg, Virginia.  There have been tremendous changes from previous visits to Blacksburg.!  No longer is there a musty smell in the church building due to moldy carpets or a drenched basement.  The grounds are well kept. Flowers are blossoming in freshly mulched beds.  The inside of the building is bright and clean with new paint and glowing hardwood floors.  Bishop Grundorf marveled at how different the place looked and smelled.

As wonderful as the upgrades to the building were, the new people, which included young children, were the sounds of life returning.  Easter has happened at St. Philip’s Church!  On Sunday, May 14, Bishop Grundorf confirmed 3 new members and welcomed another 6 as communicant members.  In a place that did not average 9 parishioners attending on a Sunday less than two short years ago, it is astonishing to welcome 9 new members and have 45 people in worship in a place that once was all but dead.  This wonderful weekend took place at the same time that graduation cermonies were occurring at Virginia Tech and other area colleges, so there were some who could not attend.

Since August 2015, St. Philip’s has been making tremendous progress in their goal of being a self-supporting parish.  About 70% of the money needed this year has been raised.  Please consider giving, or encourage your parish to give, so that the goal of our Lenten Appeal will be complete, and great things can continue to happen at the mission of St. Philip’s in Blacksburg.  Thank you for all your prayers and financial support.  It is greatly appreciated!