Greetings and blessings to all in this Eastertide.  We passed through the great milestone in our annual pilgrimage in this Christian Calendar Year with the unfolding drama of our Salvation. The Resurrection of our Lord and Savior has occurred, but the great celebration has just begun, and continues throughout this season and our Christian year! As our congregations grow in the Christian faith, we pray that our people will realize that the Sundays after Easter are not a good time to take a break from church.

South India Trip Highlights

Much has happened since my last Epistle, and I will try to do some catch up. The India trip took place as planned February 14-26, 2017. Our Vicar General of Global Partnerships, Canon David Haines, led the way and did the logistics, which were all executed very well. Canon Haines, Dr. Mary Grundorf, representing the Mission Board, and I were joined by our friend and interpreter, Pastor Swamy das. Presiding Bishop Lawrence Jaya Rao made all the local visitation plans to the various village and town churches along with his clergy and lay leadership. In most cases, the village churches are spread over great distances and very rough terrain, and being the dry season, it was extremely hot and dusty. The people are so welcoming and wonderful and their excitement of our being there to bring the Love of Christ by Word and Sacrament generates a deep sense of humility and appreciation in our own hearts as well. Every visit is unique in its own experience. On one late night visit well after dark, we were in a thatched hut church with only a lamp on the floor for lighting. The children as usual presented a program of singing but the quarters were so tight they could not dance. When I got up to speak, I noticed something flying around the interior and then another flying object. We quickly realized we had invaded the home of a family of bats! No one else seemed too disturbed but we foreigners were. The suggestion was made that the tall boys standing in the doorway stoop down to give the bats an exit path, and eventually the bats departed as we continued.

Following five days of visiting village churches, three to four a day, we took a long journey to the Village of Kullar in Mahabnagar District in the new State of Telengana, where the APA school has been built under the administration of Operation Mobilization (OM). The School serves the Dalit children in the area and particularly those children from the Hindu Temple prostitutes. This is a way that OM, with partners such as the APA, are able help interrupt the cycle of poverty and sex trade that is experienced by the Dalit people. All Saints’ Parish, Wilmington, North Carolina, supports an entire class of pre-Kindergarten children at the School with monthly donations. Canon Haines had the privilege of having his picture taken with these precious children. Many of these pictures may be seen at our Synod.

One of the special blessings along the way was getting to know our driver, Bujender, a Dalit and Hindu. He speaks only the Telegue language but through our interpreter, he not only attended but heard all services in his native tongue. He was especially interested in the many baptisms. He watched and listened with great interest. Pastor Swamy das was able to minister to him about Jesus and we all prayed with him. He wanted to see us once more before we departed India, so on his own time, he came to drive us to the airport at 3:00 am. He said that he and his wife wanted to attend Pastor Swamy das’ church with his family and to be baptized. Please pray for Bujender and his family.

Please continue to pray for Bishop Jaya Rao that the Lord will keep him in good health and strength for the work he is doing in Andhra Pradesh and beyond.  He hopes to build another school closer to our Cathedral Church in the town of Jammalamadugu. He faces the forces of evil attempting to discourage his work from both the Government and from disloyal clergy who have left him. He is truly a man of God working to build the Kingdom under very difficult circumstances.

2017 Lenten Appeal update

I want to remind all clergy and parish leaders to get your Lenten Fund donations into the APA Treasurer, D.J. Fulton, quickly. We have set a goal for 2017 of $100,000 to finish the plan we have for St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Blacksburg, VA. The momentum of a successful campaign with St. Philips will put the APA in a position to meet the challenge of the next domestic mission church. St. Philip’s has made great strides from August 2015 with Fr. Wade Miller as the Priest in Charge and has overcome some great challenges in the process. I know I can count on each of you.

Fall 2017 Joint Synods—October 2-6, 2017

Registration is Open! We are anticipating this will be an ‘historic event” with the Joint Synods comprising four of the major Continuing Anglican Jurisdictions meeting concurrently that include: Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), Anglican Church in America (ACA), Anglican Province of America (APA), and the Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). The Banquet and the Synod Eucharist will be Thursday evening and Friday morning, respectively, with the official signing of the four-way intercommunion document planned for the evening of the Banquet. The Synod Eucharist on Friday will be a joint celebration sealing the commitment with the four Bishops of the Jurisdictions participating together. This has been a much prayed and hoped for achievement by the Grace of God. We are expecting from 500 to 600 people to be in attendance so it is critical that you register and secure your hotel reservations.

Registration for the Provincial Synod will be done solely online. You may go to the APA website at under “APA News” tab to find “Registration open for 2017 Joint Synods.” This will take you to basic information and instruction page about delegates. At the bottom introduction page is the Cvents link to the Joint Synod website home page where you can register and also link to the hotel website for reservations. Hotel Reservations must be made by September 1st to secure the group room rate and those that Register for the Synod before September 1st get a discount! I encourage all laity interested to make plans to attend this history-making event. Clergy are required to attend unless excused by your Bishop. (Summons on Joint Synod website.)

Ecclesia Anglicana Editor needed & Parish Vacancy

Fr. David Conway will be retiring from St. James of Jerusalem Church this summer. He has also served as the editor of Ecclesia for several years and will be retiring from this as well. Ecclesia Anglicana, was well received, and included featured stories of various parishes and missions of the APA along with other articles from the editor. Thank you, Fr. Dave, for this wonderful effort and we hope to keep it going! If you have experience in doing this type of work, please let me know. Also, Fr. Conway can give you an idea of what is involved in this ministry.

With Fr. Conway retiring, this means we will have need of a priest to serve St. James of Jerusalem in Sarasota. This will be a part-time position for someone who can work a secular job or who has other income such as a pension. It is a great area of the Florida and will require someone who has a missionary spirit.

The Importance of Parish Registers

I want to draw your attention to an important matter, which affects all our churches. It is a duty of all head clergymen (or Sr. Warden if clergy position is vacant) to satisfy the requirement of Canon 19, Section 3:

Section 3 (a) It shall be the duty of every Minister of this Church to record in the Parish Register all Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Burials, and the names of all Communicants within his Cure.

(b) The registry of every Baptism shall be signed by the officiating Minister.

(c) Every Minister of this Church shall make out and continue, as far as practicable, a list of all families and adult persons within his Cure, to remain in the Parish for the use of his successor.

 Notice the Canon starts with “it shall be the duty….” If you do not keep the register up to date, you are in violation of the Canons. Although a church may have individual member records, a master Parish Register needs to be kept and properly secured (fireproof cabinet is  recommended). If you have questions about this requirement, please contact your Dean. To order  The Register of Church Membership and Rites, go to: (larger size) or (smaller size).

The APA webpage

I hope you have noticed a new look for our webpage and more importantly how the news is getting up on the webpage in a more timely fashion. This is thanks to the efforts of website architect, Peter Zwingert, and Fr. Erich Zwingert, our webmaster. Thank you Peter for all your creative work to develop a new site from the ground up that gives our webmaster the ability to modify items without relying on a third party; and to Fr. Erich who now has the freedom to update and post articles promptly. We know this is one of the best ways to communicate to our own people and the world what we are doing in the APA. In regards to that, clergy please look at your church information on the website Church Locator section to be sure it is up-to-date. If not, at the bottom of the map on the Church Locator, there is an email link to send updates.

Blessings to all,


Ad Clerum APA


DEUS: Mr. Sean McDermott was ordained to the Diaconate on March 25, 2017, at the All Saints Church, in Charlottesville, VA, where he will serve as Deacon. God bless Fr. Sean as he takes this new role in his ministry.

DEUS: Mr. Tyler Phass was ordained to the Diaconate on April 1, 2017, at the St. Alban’s Church, in Joppa, MD, where he is also serve as Deacon. God bless Fr. Tyler as he takes this new role in his ministry.

DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Bartol (Bart) Stone was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on May 6, 2017, at St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL, where he will serve as Assisting Priest. May God bless Fr. Bart as he takes on this new challenge in his ministry.

Assignment Changes/Installation

DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Daniel Rieger was assigned as Curate at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Delray Beach, FL, on March 1, 2017.

DEUS: The Rev. Scott Koszalinski is now Assisting Priest at Holy Cross, Knoxville, TN.

DEUS: The Rev. Mark Menees was installed as Rector of St. John’s Church, Greensboro, NC, on April 30, 2017.


DOW: The Rev. Donald Richmond, DD, CATC, CBCIII, has transferred from the Diocese of the West, Reformed Episcopal Church and received into the Diocese of the West, APA.

Correction: The Rev. James Johnson was listed as transferring from the Anglican Catholic Church to the APA/DEUS in the last Epistle. Fr. Johnson actually transferred from the Anglican Church in America. Our apologies for the clerical error.


  • St. James of Jerusalem, Sarasota, FL.
  • St. Peter’s Mission, Kingsport, TN.
  • St. Thomas Church, Alto, GA.
  • All Saints Church, Prescott, AZ.

Prayer List

Of your charity, keep in your prayers:

Bishop Shaver, Deacon Thad Osborne, Postulant Walter (Jay) Gould, Fr. Conway, a Grundorf son, Timothy; Fr. Peeples; Fr. Dick Miller, Fr. Carter; Fr. Poole’s wife, Denice; Bishop Hanlan’s wife, Joan; Fr. Blyth, Fr. Keithly Warner, Fr. Bakley; Retired APA Treasurer, Bill Jourdan and wife, Doris, Fr. Daughtry; Bp Dorman; Fr. Gardner.

Presiding Bishop’s Itinerary

Apr. 1-2: Episcopal visit, All Saints Parish, Wilmington, NC.

Apr. 3: Archbishops Conference Call, Oviedo, FL.

Apr. 9-16: Holy week at St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL.

Apr. 25: DEUS Standing Committee Conference Call, Oviedo, FL.

Apr. 30: Installation for Fr. Mark Menees as Rector, St. John’s Church, Greensboro, NC.

May 2: Archbishops Conference Call, Oviedo, FL.

May 6: Ordination of Rev. Mr. Bartol Stone to the Sacred Order of Priesthood, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL.

May 12-15: Episcopal visit, St. Philips, Blacksburg, VA.

May 15: Interview with potential clergy transfer, Atlanta, GA.

May 16: Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas (FACA) Meeting, Saint Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, GA.

May 21-22: Confirmations, St. Matthew’s Church, Weaverville, NC.

Jun. 6: Archbishops Conference Call, Oviedo, FL.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary

March 24-26: Ordination of Sean McDermott to the Sacred Order of Deacons and Episcopal Visitation with Confirmations, All Saints’ Church, Charlottesville, VA.

March 31-April 2: Ordination of Tyler Phass to the Sacred Order of Deacons and Episcopal Visitation, Saint Alban’s Church, Joppa, MD.

May 16: Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas (FACA) Meeting, Saint Barnabas Church, Dunwoody, GA.

May 22-24: Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) Chapter Meeting, Vero Beach, FL.

June 3-4: Episcopal Visitation, Saint Paul’s Church, Crownsville, MD.

June 11: Episcopal Visitation with Confirmations, Saint Michael the Archangel Church, Matthews, NC.

June 11-16: Anglican Legacy Camp, Surry County, NC.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Perkins Itinerary

April 11 South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Boca Raton, FL

May 6: Attend Bartol Stone Ordination, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL.

May 9: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.

June 13: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

 April Birthdays

03 The Rev. Mr. Arthur Walker

05 The Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan

06 The Very Rev. David Haines

07 The Rev. Gary Fisher

14 The Very Rev. Richard Bakley

20 The Rt. Rev. Chandler Jones, SSC

20 The Rev. Mark Siegel

25 The Rev. George Harding

April Anniversaries

05 The Rev. Richard Baskwill, Priesthood

07 The Rev. Dr. Robert Peeples, Diaconate

09 Dss Lynda Gerlach, Setting Aside

10 The Rev. Ronald Massey, Priesthood

12 The Rev. Guerrier Mews, Priesthood

14 The Rev. Michael Bolt, Diaconate

19 The Rev. Stephen Sommerrock, Diaconate

22 The Very Rev. J. Gordon Anderson, Priesthood

25 The Rev. Canon Edward Warner, Diaconate

26 The Rev. Vincent Varnas, Priesthood

28 The Rev. David Eastes, Priesthood

29 The Rev. Louis Johnson, EdD, Diaconate

May Birthdays

01 The Rev. Wade Miller

03 The Dss. Deborah Kidd

05 The Rev. Charles Scott

06 The Rev. Daniel Squires

14 The Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, V.G.

23 The Rev. David Bottoms

27 The Rev. Mr. Christopher Smith

29 The Very Rev. Gordon Anderson

May Anniversaries

02 The Rev. George Ates, Priesthood

05 The Rev. Irving Cook, Diaconate

05 The Very Rev. John Longcamp, Priesthood

14 The Rev. Tracy Smith, SSA, Diaconate

16 The Rev. Mark Menees, Priesthood

16 The Rev. Michael Ward, SSA, Diaconate

16 The Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, Diaconate

20 The Rev. John Gibson, Diaconate

21 The Rev. Charles Scott, Diaconate

21 The Rev. Charles Scott, Priesthood

23 The Rev. Wade Miller, Priesthood

24 The Rev. David Bottoms, Diaconate

24 The Rev. Howard Underwood, Diaconate

25 The Rev. Paul Gerlock, Priesthood

26 The Rev. Matthew Harlow, Priesthood

27 The Rev. Canon Larry Emerson, Diaconate

28 The Rev. John DiBiasi, Priesthood

29 The Rev. C. William Carter, Diaconate

29 The Rt. Rev. Clark Dorman, Diaconate

June Birthdays

02 The Rev. Robert Burgreen

14 The Rev. Howard Underwood

16 The Rev. Michael Northup

16 The Rev. Mr. Christopher Perez

18 The Rev. Mr. Bartol Stone

19 Dss. Lynda Gerlach

19 The Rev. Mr. Lawrence Stogner, III

27 The Rev. David Eastes

28 The Rev. Dr. John Longcamp

28 The Rev. Dennis Washburn, PhD

30 The Rev. Randall Russell

June Anniversaries

03 The Rev. Franklin Endres, Diaconate

04 The Rev. Frank O’Donnell, Diaconate

06 The Rev. David Keller, Priesthood

08 The Rt. Rev. Chandler Jones, SSC, Diaconate

10 The Rev. Richard Bakley, Diaconate

10 The Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin, Diaconate

10 The Rev. Robert Kirk, Diaconate

10 The Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Jr, CBS,SM, Diaconate

10 The Ven. Erich Zwingert, SSC, Diaconate

11 The Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin, Priesthood

11 The Rev. Michael Smith, Diaconate

12 The Rev. Michael Bowhay, Diaconate

13 The Rev. Dennis Washburn, PhD, Diaconate

14 The Rev. William Martin, SSC, Priesthood

18 The Rev. Don Edlemann, Diaconate

18 The Rev. Randall Russell, Priesthood

21 The Rev. Robert Burgreen, Priesthood

23 The Rev. Franklin Endres, Priesthood

23 The Rev. Ronald Massey, Diaconate

26 The Rev. Canon James Daughtry, Diaconate

28 The Rev. John Klein, Diaconate

Please contact the APA Office at 1-800-480-1087 or  at if any of dates are in error or a date has been omitted.