Lindisfarne Hall at Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, Florida, held its end of year celebration on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Lindisfarne Hall is a Classical Christian School. The students observed Cinco de Mayo at lunch with tacos, horchata and fried ice cream. In the evening, parents, friends and the professors and Fathers met in the Chapel for closing ceremonies. To open the evening, the entire student body formed a choir, singing Mueller’s setting of Psalm 51 so beautifully the staff had tears in their eyes.  Afterwards the upper school students were sorted into one of four school houses according to the virtues they had demonstrated throughout the year (Wisdom, Courage, Discipline or Charity.)

Fr. Brad Cunningham, Rector of Holy Trinity, offered an exciting update on the development of Lindisfarne Hall (formerly known as Good Shepherd School). Thanks to generous donations, 4.25 acres of land have been purchased across the street from the parish church for the purpose of constructing a campus for the school. Furthermore, through the generosity of the parishioners of the church, phase one of the building has also been funded. Architects are employed and initial design work is underway to develop an upper and lower school for 100 students. However, until the new facilities are ready next year, the current facilities are limited to between 40 and 50 students. Fr. Cunningham announced that openings for enrollment for fall 2017 are very limited.

Fr. Cunningham and Fr. Brian Oldfield, the school administrator, offered prayers and blessings for the students and the evening ended with a video of the antics and accomplishments of the students throughout the school year.

5/8/2017 Update: After the announcement of limited openings at the closing ceremonies, five new students enrolled. Lindisfarne Hall leadership is now considering closing enrollment and opening a waiting list for 2017-2018.