The APA website can post any and all news from throughout the APA and its Global Partners. There are a few submission guidelines to ensure that the news posted on the APA website is current, informative, and professional.

  1. All Articles submitted must be accompanied by photographs.
  2. All Articles should be written in a newspaper style format. Include date, location, names, etc. In short, answer the questions: Who, what, when, and where. ALWAYS write in the 3rd Person, as if you are reporting an event that you are witnessing. Articles generally should be 1 or 2 paragraphs long to provide the reader with a full understanding of the news being reported. One or two sentences will not be accepted. Longer articles are welcome but are subject to being condensed by the webmaster.
  3. All photographs must be in landscape orientation for proper rendering on computers, phones, and any other devices used by the readers of our content. This also assures consistency across all platforms for our website users. Send photographs in full resolution. DO NOT send pictures you have received via text from someone else. They cannot be used.
  4. All articles and photographs should be sent to This goes directly to the webmaster, Archdeacon Erich Zwingert. Emailing 1 to 4 photographs is usually not a problem but emailing multiple photos, which add up to more than 20 MB of file size can be problematic. If that is the case and you are computer “savvy,” you can upload your photos to an online service such as Google Docs and then just share them with Fr. Zwingert.
  5. The webmaster always reserves the right to edit any submission.


When following these guidelines, you can be assured that your submitted news will be uploaded quickly and accurately.