On December 11, 2016, the Most Rev’d Walter Grundorf presided over confirmations and receptions during his episcopal visit to Christ the Redeemer Church, Fort Valley, Georgia. Betsy Wilkes was confirmed. Her husband Leon and their children Chloe, Clark, Lana, and Lex, already confirmed, were received into the communion of the diocese. Bishop Grundorf also received, as a priest, the Rev’d Jamie Danford, who will serve as curate at Christ the Redeemer Church. Fr. Danford’s wife Lynn and their two sons James and Nick were received into the communion of the diocese.

On the night before the visit, the parish hosted a special Advent Party at the home of Ron and Joan Johnson. Bp. Grundorf and his wife Mary were the guests of honor. The party celebrated the first meeting of Christ the Redeemer Church, which occurred ten years ago at the Johnson’s home.