Greetings to all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! In this month of All Saints, I love the prayer from the Scottish Prayer Book for the Octave, “O God, King of Saints, we praise thy Holy name for all Thy servants who have finished their course in Thy faith and fear, for the Blessed Virgin Mary, for the Holy Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs, and for all other Thy righteous servants and we beseech Thee that encouraged by their example, strengthened by their fellowship, and aided by their prayers, we may attain unto everlasting life; through the merits of Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Happy Thanksgiving Day
We have much for which to be thankful during the course of our daily lives, but it is good to take time at this National Holiday to pause and reflect upon our blessings as part of the Country we love. I hope all will to be in God’s House to hear the prayers and canticle along with the lessons of the day thanking God for his loving kindness to us.

Diocese of the West Synod
We have recently returned from a profitable journey to the Diocese of the West and their Synod in October 2016. There is a full report provided by Vicar General Hawkins on the Synod which is on our webpage. We began our journey at St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Dillon, Colorado, with Father and Mrs. John Longcamp. I Confirmed two faithful members of that Mission Church and received others. I celebrated my ‘highest’ Mass while there, where it was at over 9,000 feet above sea level! What a wonderful and faithful group of Anglicans that are part of that Mission.

From there we journeyed on to Medford, Oregon, the site of the 2016 Synod at the Inn of Commons. The host parish was St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville, Oregon, and the Synod coordinator was Mary Lou Randall and a number of others who were part of the well-planned event. I also want to mention Vicar General Walt Crites, who presided over the DOW Synod and has been such a valuable asset to the progress experienced by the DOW since 2009. Canon Crites offered his resignation as Vicar General to me at the Synod. I accepted his resignation with regret but with great thanksgiving for the leadership and steady hand re-establishing the structure of the DOW. With the agreement of the DOW Synod, I appointed Canon Crites Vicar General Emeritus. Canon Crites has been grooming Father Robert Hawkins over the last two years for future leadership in the Diocese. Canon Hawkins was elected President of the Standing Committee at the Synod and I have appointed him Vicar General with the support of Canon Crites and the Diocese. Also, another important development was the Synod vote to ask the Rt. Rev. Robert T. Giffin, Ordinary of the Diocese of Mid-America, to serve as Episcopal Visitor to the DOW. Bishop Giffin was invited to attend the Synod in order that the delegates and clergy could meet him and get to know him. As Presiding Bishop, I have been serving as the de facto Episcopal Visitor and this now gives them an Episcopal Visitor who is much closer geographically, with Bishop Giffin living in San Antonio, Texas. May the Lord continue to bless this developing Diocese as they work together to build their infrastructure and parishes.

Institution of Bishop Fincke as Rector
On our return trip after DOW Synod, we flew from Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona, with Canon and Mrs. Crites and after a two- hour drive to Prescott, Arizona, we spent the night in their home. Sunday morning was a special day at All Saints’ Church, Prescott, Arizona, with the Institution of the Rt. Rev. George Fincke as the second Rector of the Parish. Fr. George has been there as Rector-elect for nearly a year and a half awaiting my visit to Institute him. It was a wonderful day with a splendid parish dinner to follow. Bp George as many of you know has suffered some physical set-backs and I ask you to pray for his continued healing.

DMA Report from Bishop Giffin
Deacon Robert James Cheeseman was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, November 12th at the Little Church in Gruene, the site of a potential mission in the area. Deacon Bob completed his studies at Logos House and is a retired Brigadier General and past Adjutant of the Texas State Guard. He previously served as a Deacon at St. Mary Queen of Heaven Church in San Antonio, TX, where he now is assigned as an Assistant Priest along with Fr. Ben Holland.

The new mission in Conroe, Texas continues to develop under the leadership of Fr. John Lohmann. Although slow going after their move to Texas from Florida, things are beginning to move and take shape for what will become Grace Anglican Church.

Mission Trip to Ecuador
The APA has taken under Episcopal Oversight the former Roman Catholic and then Episcopal Churches in the Chimborazo region of Ecuador (South America) in the last year. These Kichwa people, who number approximately 20,000 are indigenous people who several years ago chose to separate from the Episcopal Church because of the changes in doctrine, discipline and worship. They had previously left the Roman Catholic Church due to lack of care for them and their Communities which number 36. Missionary Richard Todd of Samaritans Purse and Worthy Endeavors, Inc. contacted the APA first through Canon Ray Unterburger who referred him to my Office. We met and discussed the plight of these Indigenous people and their clergy and their desire to maintain Apostolic Order in the Anglican Tradition. The process of doing this took several years and needed approval of the Ecuadorian Government before they would recognize the APA as a legitimate Church. Through the efforts of Vicar General David Haines, and translator Mindy Veve of St. Alban’s Cathedral, documentation was finally approved by the Ecuadorian government.

The trip to Ecuador took place between November 10 and 16. Our team included V.G. David Haines, Mission Board Member, Dr. Mary Grundorf and me. After arriving in Quito, we met up with our travel companions, Missionaries Richard and Karen Todd and our translator and driver, Matthew McBurney of Canada. Matthew served as a teacher in Ecuador and became familiar and close friends with the two priests who serve the Indigenous people in Chimborazo and was intimately aware of their plight.

To say we were embraced by the leadership and the people would be an understatement. Fathers Eulogio Quito and Luis Alberto Tuazo have been shepherding their large and geographically spread Pastorale with the help of eight Deacons and now nine with the Ordination I did on Sunday, November 13.

There were around 2,000 people in the coliseum for an annual gathering of the Communities of the Pastorale for Holy Communion, Ordination and Presentation of awards. With the help of the Lord, I ordained a young man, Johnny Leon, to the diaconate in Spanish. There were three languages spoken at the Service: Spanish, Kichwa, and English. What a great day! And visit! After several years in the wilderness, these committed Christians finally have a home in the APA, thanks be to God.

Father David Haines will give a complete report on the trip and activities and we will have a Power Point presentation prepared for those who would like to have this missionary journey shared with their congregation during at my visits and Synod.

Winter Clergy Conference
Our Annual Winter Conference will be held at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church, Warner Robins, Georgia, where Fr. Matthew Harlow is Rector. The dates are January 18-20, 2107. All clergy and deaconesses are invited from any part of our Province, the active clergy of the DEUS are expected to be there unless excused by the Bishop. The online Registration form and Schedule will be available on the provincial website the week of November 28th. As usual, we will arrive on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 18 and after check in at the hotel, there will be a dinner in a private room at a local restaurant (provided by the Diocese). There will be a full breakfast provided at the hotel Thursday morning, and following we will gather at the Church for Morning Prayer. There will be a time of general discussion and sharing of information prior to our Developmental time presented by Canon Glenn Spencer. Fr. Spencer’s presentation will be interactive with the clergy. After an on-site lunch break, we will continue our Developmental session until late afternoon, at which time we will prepare for the Holy Eucharist. There will be a social hour and dinner Thursday evening at the Church. A ‘travelers’ Mass will be celebrated at the Church early on Friday morning.

The Standing Committee will have its winter meeting Friday, January 20, from 9:00 AM until 12 noon.

Visit to Reformed Episcopal Seminary
I will be visiting Reformed Episcopal Seminary (RES) November 30-December 1, to speak at the Chapel Service at noon time on Dec. 1. It will be great time to visit our APA Seminarians: Peter Joslyn, Tyler and Holly Phass and Kevin and Mary Willis Fife. Both Holly and Mary Willis are in the Christian Education Master’s Program. I have accepted the invitation to serve on the Board of the Seminary and I look forward to meeting with Bishop David Hicks, President of the RES, the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Riches, Seminary Dean, and other faculty members.

Fall 2017 Joint Synods – October 2-6, 2017
Plans are moving forward with the Coordinators for the Provincial Joint Anglican Synods of the Four Jurisdictions: Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), Anglican Church in America (ACA), Anglican Province of America (APA), and the Diocese of the Holy Cross (DHC). The venue will be the Crown Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia Hotel, 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30346. The Synod is locally hosted by St. Barnabas Church (where Bishop Chad Jones is Rector), Dunwoody, GA. Mr. Jack Wyatt (APA) and Mrs. Debbie Weaver (ACC) serve as co-chairmen for the Synod. My preliminary plan is to have the DEUS Diocesan Synod Tuesday, October 3. Bishop Robert Giffin is planning to have the DMA Synod earlier in that week as well. We would then plan to have our Provincial Synod on Wednesday, October 4. This would be an off year for the DOW, but I am encouraging them to be represented at the Provincial Synod and the Joint Meetings of the Jurisdictions on Thursday and Friday.

On the final day of the Meeting, an afternoon plenary session is planned during which the four Jurisdictions will meet as one and witness the signing of a concordat of full sacramental communion among the four Churches. The joint Synod Mass will then be held on Friday at the Hotel. Daily Morning and Evening Prayer and daily Masses are scheduled for the Synod. All events will take place at the Hotel. Registration and the full schedule will be available online in the future. I encourage everyone interested to make plans to attend this history-making event.

Peace and blessings to all,

Altar Available
St. John’s Church in Greensboro, NC, has an extra Altar (modular) which they are willing to donate to a mission or parish that is in need. Please contact Fr. Mark Menees directly at or 336-260-0806 if you are interested.

Ad Clerum APA
DMA: Deacon Robert J. Cheeseman was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on November 12, 2016 at the Little Church, Gruene, TX. He will serve as Assistant Priest at St. Mary Queen of Heaven in San Antonio, TX. God bless Fr. Cheeseman. God bless Fr. Cheeseman as he takes on this new challenge in ministry.
Ecuador: Mr. Johnny Leon was ordained to the Diaconate on November 13, 2016 at Guamote, Ecuador. He will be serving throughout Ecuador assisting the Priests: Fathers Tuaza and Quito. God bless Deacon Leon as he takes on his new role in the ministry.

DOW: The Rev. Yossi Sarid received into the APA/DOW from the REC/DOW August 6, 2016. He is currently serving at St. Augustine’s Church, Denning, New Mexico (FIFNA).
DOW: The Rt. Rev. Robert Todd Giffin was named Episcopal Visitor, DOW.
DOW: The Rt. Rev. George Fincke was installed as Rector at All Saints Church, Prescott, AZ.
DOW: The Rev. Canon Walt Crites was appointed as Vicar General Emeritus, DOW.
DOW: The Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins appointed as Vicar General, DOW.
DEUS: The Rev. Mr. Allen Ryan was received on September 29, 2016, from the Anglican Church in America (ACA). Fr. Al will be assisting Fr. Sokol at St. Martin’s Church in Ocala, Florida.
DEUS: The Rev. James Danford, Chaplain, USAF was received into the APA/DEUS on October 16, 2016 from the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) (Ordained in the ACC). Fr. Danford is stationed at Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia serving as a chaplain. He will be assisting at Christ the Redeemer Church, Fort Valley, GA.

DMA: The Rev. Richard Palmer transferred from the APA/DMA to the REC.
DMA: The Rev. P.K Ray transferred from the APA/DMA to the Episcopal Church (TEC).
DOW: The Rev. Robert Kirk transferred from the APA/DOW to the APA/DMA to align with physical geographical location.

The Rev. Mr. James McFadden from St. Paul’s Church, Crownsville, MD, entered life eternal on October 20, 2016.
St. Peter’s Mission, Kingsport, TN.

Prayer List
Of your charity, keep in your prayers:
Bishop Fincke; Fr. Crites; a Grundorf son, Timothy; Fr. Endres, Fr. Coady; Fr. Peeples; Fr. Dick Miller, Fr. Carter; Fr. Poole’s wife, Denice; Bishop Hanlan’s wife, Joan; Fr. Blyth, Fr. Keithly Warner, Fr. Bakley; Retired APA Treasurer, Bill Jourdan and wife, Doris, Fr. Longcamp, Fr. Daughtry; Bp Dorman; Fr. Gardner.
RIP: Deacon McFadden

Presiding Bishop’s Itinerary
Oct. 4: Archbishops Conference Call
Oct. 11: Episcopal Visit, St. Dunstan’s Church, Dillion, CO.
Oct. 12-15: DOW Synod, Medford, OR.
Oct. 16: Installation of Bishop Fincke as Rector, All Saints, Prescott, AZ.
Oct 17-Oct 23: Visiting sights in the area.
Oct. 29-30: Confirmations and episcopal visit, All Saints, Mills River, NC.
Nov. 1: Mass, All Saints Day, St. Alban’s Cathedral, Oviedo, FL
Nov. 5-6: Episcopal visit, St. Martin’s Church, Ocala, FL.
Nov. 7: Archbishops Conference Call
Nov. 10-16: Mission Trip to Ecuador, Ordination of Deacon, Reception of Priests, Reception of Pastoral Indigena de la Iglesia Anglicana de America en Ecuador into APA.
Nov. 19: Burial Eucharist, Holy Trinity Church, Fernandina Beach, FL.
Nov. 23: Meeting with Paul Wilson from St. Martin’s, Ocala, FL, at Diocesan office.
Nov. 30-Dec.1: Speaker, Reformed Episcopal Seminary Chapel Service, Blue Bell, PA.
Dec. 10-11: Episcopal visit, 10th anniversary celebration, Christ the Redeemer, Ft. Valley (Warner Robins), GA.
Jan. 7: Hosting presentation by Brother Kirt Gerber on AMiA study on Women’s Ordination.
Jan. 15: Episcopal visit and Confirmations, All Saints Church, Palatka, FL.
Jan. 18-20, 2017: APA Winter Conference, Diocesan Standing Committee Meeting, Christ the Redeemer Church, Warner Robins, GA.
Jan. 22: Episcopal visit, St. Philips, Pinellas Park, FL.
Jan. 29: Episcopal visit, St. Michael’s Church, Matthews (Charlotte), NC.

DMA Bishop Ordinary Giffin Itinerary
Dec. 11: Visiting San Marcos and Gruene, TX for mission development.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Jones Itinerary
Oct. 9: Episcopal visitation, Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Alto, GA.
Oct. 27-29: Retreat Conductor, Diocesan Women’s Retreat, Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA.
Nov. 6: Episcopal Visitation and Confirmations, Saint Matthew’s Church, Weaverville, NC.
Dec. 1-4: Conductor of the Clericus of the Diocese of the Northeast of the Anglican Church in America; Sunday Visitation to Saint Luke’s Church (ACA), Nashua, New Hampshire.
Jan. 18-20, 2017: APA Winter Conference, DEUS Board of Examining Chaplains and DEUS Standing Committee Meetings, Christ the Redeemer Church, Warner Robins, GA.

DEUS Suffragan Bishop Perkins Itinerary
Oct. 09: Episcopal visit, St. Alban’s Joppa, MD- cancelled due to hurricane.
Oct. 11: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.
Dec. 13: South East Florida Traditional Anglican Clericus, Boca Raton, FL.
Dec. 18: Episcopal visit, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church Riverview, FL.
Jan. 18-20, 2017: APA Winter Conference, DEUS Bishop Advisory Committee and DEUS Standing Committee Meetings, Christ the Redeemer Church, Warner Robins, GA.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
October Birthdays
01 Rev. Eric Holle
01 Rev. John O’Brien, Major USAF
03 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Jr., CBS, SM
05 Rev. David Conway
05 Rev. Ronald Massey
05 Rev. Michael Stranz, OSB/Cn
11 Rev. Irving Cook
16 Rev. Mr. William Baker
16 Rev. Frank Bartlett, SSM
18 Rev. Daniel Malcolm
18 Rev. Mr. Allen Ryan
19 Rev. Gregory Miller
20 Rev. Canon Burdett Geer
20 Rev. Canon Edward Warner
23 Rev. Mr. Thad Osborne
24 Rev. Mr. Josef Mayntz
27 Rev C. William Carter
28 Rev. John Gibson
28 Rev. Mr. Richard Hitchcock

October Anniversaries
01 Rev. Thomas Burr, Priesthood
02 Rev. Canon Larry Emerson, Priesthood
03 Rev. George Ates, Diaconate
04 Very Rev. Nicholas Henderson, Priesthood
05 Rev. David Conway, Priesthood
06 Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin, Bishop
07 Rev. Richard Bakley, Priesthood
07 Rev. Stephen Sommerrock, Priesthood
08 Rev. Mark Siegel, Priesthood
08 Rev. Robert Tufton, Diaconate
10 Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, V.G., Priesthood
11 Rev. Mr. Thomas Burr, Diaconate
13 Rev. Eric Holle, Priesthood
14 Rev. M. Tracy Smith, SSA, Priesthood
15 Rev. John O’Brien, Major USAF, Priesthood
16 Rt. Rev. Larry Shaver, Obl, OSB, Diaconate
17 Rt. Rev. Larry Shaver, Obl, OSB, Priesthood
19 Rev. Lawrence Adams, PhD Diaconate
19 Rev. Mr. Eric Dawson, Diaconate
19 Rev. Canon Burdett Geer, Priesthood
19 Rev. John Lohmann IV, Diaconate
20 Rev. Mr. William Baker, Diaconate
20 Rev. Mr. Christopher Smith, Diaconate
22 Rt. Rev. C. Peter Brewer, Bishop
22 Rev. C. William Carter, Priesthood
23 Most Rev. Walter H. Grundorf, D.D., Diaconate
24 Rev. Timothy Weddell, Diaconate
26 Rev. Richard Baskwill, Diaconate
26 Rev. Irving Cook, Priesthood
26 Rt. Rev. George Fincke, Priesthood
29 Rev. Vincent Varnas, Diaconate
30 Rev. Dr. Creighton Barnes, Diaconate
30 Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle, Diaconate
31 Rev. Canon Robert Tregenza, PhD, Priesthood
31 Rev. Canon Edward Warner, Priesthood
November Birthdays
05 Rev. John Poole
10 Rev. Michael Bowhay
11 Rev. Dr. Creighton Barnes
12 Rev. Canon James Daughtry
14 Rev. Canon Robert Tregenza, PhD
20 Rev. Matthew Harlow
21 Rt. Rev. George Fincke
22 Rev. Kenneth Bailey
25 Rev. John DiBiasi

November Anniversaries
01 Dss. Deborah Kidd, Setting Apart
01 Rev. Gregory Miller, Diaconate
01 Rev. Dr. Robert Peeples, Priesthood
02 Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, V.G., Diaconate
04 Rev. Daniel Malcolm, Priesthood
04 Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Priesthood
10 Rev. Michael Bolt, Priesthood
11 Rev. David Conway, Diaconate
11 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Jr., Bishop
13 Rev. John O’Brien, Maj, USAF, Diaconate
14 Most Rev. A.L. Jaya Rao.P., Bishop
15 Rev. Mr. Clinton McKenzie, Diaconate
16 Rev. David Sokol, SSM, Diaconate
17 Rev. Eugene Godbold, PhD, Diaconate
17 Rev. Mr. Louis Linn, Diaconate
17 Rev. Canon Glenn Spencer, Diaconate
20 Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan, Diaconate
20 Rev. Mr. Christopher Perez, Diaconate
20 Rev. Mr. Alton Witham, Diaconate
22 Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, D.D., Priesthood
23 Rev. John DiBiasi, Diaconate
25 Rt. Rev. Robert Loiselle, Priesthood
26 Rev. Mark Siegel, Diaconate

December Birthdays
04 Rev. O. Michael Cawthon, Sr.
05 Rev. Canon Walter Crites, V.G. Emeritus
05 Very Rev. Nicholas Henderson
08 Rev. Richard Baskwill
08 Rev. John Lohmann, IV
16 Rev. Chris Gardner, SSA, SM
20 Rt. Rev. Clark Dorman
20 Rev. Robert Kirk
23 Rt. Rev. Robert Giffin
26 Rev. Mr. Eric Dawson
27 Very Rev. Michael Smith
30 Rev. Robert Cheeseman, USAF, Ret.

December Anniversaries
05 Very Rev. Ralph Waterhouse, Priesthood
06 Rev. Robert Cheeseman, Diaconate
07 Rev. Kevin Burks, Diaconate
10 Rev. Mr. Lawrence Stogner, III, Diaconate
12 Rev. Paul Rivard, Diaconate
13 Rev. Lawrence Adams, PhD, Priesthood
13 Rev. Richard Blyth, Diaconate
13 Rev. George Harding, Priesthood
14 Rev. Mr. J. Boyd Baker, Diaconate
14 Rev. Michael Northup, Diaconate
15 Rev. Bradley Cunningham, Diaconate
16 Rt. Rev. William Perkins, CBS, SM, Priesthood
16 Ven. Erich Zwingert, SSC, Priesthood
18 Rev. Richard Blyth, Priesthood
19 Rev. Michael Bowhay, Priesthood
21 Rev. Robert Burgreen, Diaconate
21 Rt. Rev. Chandler Jones, SSC, Priesthood
29 Rev. David Coady, SSA, Diaconate
29 Rev. Canon James Daughtry, Priesthood
30 Rev. David Eastes, Diaconate

January Birthdays
01 Dss. Linda Burns, OSB/Cn
01 Rev. Don Edlemann
01 Rev. Frank O’Donnell
02 Rev. Scott Koszalinski
03 Rev. Mark Menees, OSB/Cn
13 Rev. Dr. Robert Peeples
14 Most Rev. Dr. Larry Shaver, Obl OSB
15 Rev. Vincent Varnas
20 Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, D.D.
21 Rev. Mr. Daniel Rieger
24 Rev. Bradley Cunningham

January Anniversaries
02 Rt. Rev. Clark Dorman, Priesthood
05 Rev. Dr. Gene Mallard, D.Min, Priesthood
09 Rev. Louis Johnson, EdD, Priesthood
10 Rev. Daniel Squires, Diaconate
18 Rev. Canon Burdett Geer, Diaconate
19 Rt. Rev. G. Raymond Hanlan, Bishop
19 Rev. David Sokol, SSM, Priesthood
23 Rev. Dennis Washburn, PhD, Priesthood
25 Rev. George Harding, Diaconate
25 Rev. Gregory Miller, Priesthood
29 Rev. Wade Miller, Diaconate
31 Rev. Mark Menees, OSB/Cn, Diaconate